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Discussion in 'Fishing Reel Review' started by JimmyJonny, Mar 23, 2008.

  1. JimmyJonny

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    Ok, I'm gonna go crazy here looking at reels so I'm gonna have to ask yas for some help plz.

    Here is my situation. The wife agreed that I can buy a reel...a really nice reel. My range is somewhere around $150 to spend. I need this reel to pull up cats or stripers in water up to 100'. The fish I catch are only up to #20 but there are plenty of big fish here to be caught, one I just heard was #62.

    My first major decision is the reel size. Is a 6500 to small or is a 7000 to big ? The reels I like are mostly 6500's but I need this reel to do it all and have no trouble doing it.
    So the uses for this reel will be :

    Drifting big baits like gizzard shad or trout on a large float

    Drifting slinky style rigs...usually with only 1.5oz

    Down rod

    Anchor fishing

    This reel will NOT be a casting reel at all so super casting type reels aren't a must at all.

    I will be buying a Abu Garcia bait caster. I'm not interested in anything other than the above mentioned plz.

    The rod will come later according to the reel I get. Atm I only have a Ugly stick cat rod but it will work just fine for now.

    The line I use will be #20-30 mono or a minimum of #50 power pro. I noticed most people use 20lb mono or better on 6500's when they are rated for only #14 max, that's fine with me. ....Now the 7000 holds #17 and around 300yrd, would the 7000 be a over kill for me ?

    A example of a reel I really want is the its nice but it's a thumb bar line release. I will only be buying a conventional reel..period. I was also worried it wasn't big enough. The Pro Rocket just hasn't sold me and the newer reviews aren't as good as I hoped them to be. Another one I have my eye on is the CL big game. I also like the blue cat small ?

    Things I like:

    5.3:1 ratio

    solid brass gears, I prefer the levelwind to not be plastic.

    at least 3 bearings / no bushings

    handle 225yds more or less

    synchronized levelwind

    Carbon matrix drag

    6 pin brake

    power handle

    I love blue, LOL

    Made in Sweden

    I have to make sure I'm happy with this reel. This is a lot of money for us but it's dad's turn to buy something he wants ; ).

    I hope you guys can help me out.


    Plz feel free to correct anything I say. I only know what I have studied in the last 3 weeks so I could be wrong at times ; )
  2. Mac-b

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    North Caro
    Jim, you can not go wrong with an Abu, but the 6500 will not hold the amount of line you desire. It will hold approx. 110 yards of 30 pound test line. I have at least 25 Abu. 6500 with the power cranks on them and I and my clients have never had any problem handling cats up to 55 pounds, nor have I heard of other people having problems with larger cats. Now if you are going to fish heavy current you might want to go to the 7000. Mac

  3. smokey869

    smokey869 New Member

    i have both a 6500 and 7000, if you want to use the larger line i would go with the 7000 myself, the 6500 works great with 20lb mono, but get over that and it gets a little finicky, just my opinion but you will want the cranking power if you hook into a big one
  4. catfish kenny

    catfish kenny New Member

    Go borrow a Penn and get back to me-I bought a 330-gt and it aint no slouch-Ive yet to put it to the hard core test of fishing but playing with it I know it is bad to the bone....I was gonna get a ABU 7000c3i but when I went to cabellas....this penn jumped at me and away we went.
    No doubt Abus are the perfered and good reels........but you cant go wrong with a nice Penn.........They are rough-rugged-&-RAW!:wink:
  5. JimmyJonny

    JimmyJonny Well-Known Member

    I already use 3 Penn's when we fish every week. They are our best winch type reels onboard but its just not what I'm looking for atm but thanks for the input any way. We also have a lot of Abu 6000 series reels that we use.

  6. C Hill

    C Hill New Member

    Catoosa, Oklahoma
    i'd go with 6500 with #20:wink:
  7. spoonfish

    spoonfish New Member

    Warsaw, Mo.
    The 7000 wont be over kill. I would get a 7000c3i, or a 7000ics pro rocket. (same reels, except for colors and 10.00 difference) Very smooth reels and capable of long casting even though you don't need one for that it's still nice in case you decide to bank fish some times.

    One other option is the 7000ilc line counter (another 10.00 difference)
    If you do a lot of drift fishing the line counter would come in handy.

    I wouldnt think you would need a 5.3:1 ratio unless you were bank fishing a lot in rip rap and needed that high ratio to reel back in fast to avoid snags. The 4.11 has worked for me fine bank and boat fishing. I simply switch to a 12' rod while bank fishing to get long distance casts and avoid the rocks when reeling in.

    There not made in sweden, only have 4.1:1, and don't come in blue. Other than that your going to love em....
  8. 223reload

    223reload New Member

    I use a 7000 for both casting and drifting. my next ABU will be a 9000,
  9. JimmyJonny

    JimmyJonny Well-Known Member

    Any input on the Big Game reels ? I like what the 7000 ihsn has in it but I dont see many folks with them.

    It also does not list where the reel or brass gears are made, nor does it say how many gears are brass.

    I'm getting closer to deciding but I need to know more about this reel


    PS. I emailed Abu Garcia to get some answers but hearing folks that actually own one would be great.
  10. CJ21

    CJ21 New Member

    Montgomery, Alabama
    I have the Abu 6500C3 its a good reel for the money and its all I need.
  11. Harleycat

    Harleycat Member

    6500cl big game you cant go wrong.i just ordered one.i have 7000s and 6500s they are booth good reels its all in what you need them for.good luck
  12. bownero

    bownero Well-Known Member

    Hastings, Ne.
    I definently like the 7000c3 Abu. They're a versitile reel. Can be used for casting and trolling. Hold plenty of line. I have a 6500 chrome rocket that I really love. this reel casts like a dream and is more than enough reel for me.
  13. TxRiverman

    TxRiverman New Member

    Lockhart Tx
    For the money that you can spend i would forget about the Abu's and get the Quantum Cabo CBC 30 PTs.
  14. orion_xxvx

    orion_xxvx New Member

    North Central Missouri
  15. firechief4201

    firechief4201 New Member

    Catlettsburg, Kentucky
    Abu 6500 is a good reel.
  16. Bait Boat

    Bait Boat Well-Known Member

    Arkansas. Green
    I have 2 abu 10,000s hold lots of line catch big fish. I dont cast them much
    but can throw it 110yds easy.
  17. kyelkhunter3006

    kyelkhunter3006 New Member

    I'd go with one of the 7000 series for an Abu, or look at the saltwater Quantum reels. I really like the Quantums, but the $$$ pushed me to the Abu's on ebay. :big_smile: If money isn't an issue, I'd just buy the most expensive 7000 you can afford.

    I just bought three of the 7000 Big Game reels for this year, but I haven't even gotten line on them yet, jeez, I'm still deciding on what rods for them.:eek:oooh:

    I have two of the 7000 narrow spool lever drag reels that I bought new on ebay, and one of the regular size 7000 lever drags that was a bit used. I like them a lot from playing with them in the garage, LOL. Very smooth and they feel like they have a lot of power to them. I like the adjustability of the lever drags, compared to the star drag. I will say that in the event that you use them for casting, it says in the manual of the reel to NOT use less than 2oz. Of course, by the time you get the rig on it with a big bait, the 2oz thing isn't an issue.

    I used to have a couple of the regular red 7000's years ago and they were great reels. If I were you, I'd just pick a color you like and features you like, and go catch some fish. The 7000 will be up to it. The Big Game reels I bought don't have Instant Anti-Reverse, but I don't really miss it on big reels. The new regular star drag reels now have it, so if that's important, make sure you buy a new model.

    (To no one that's posted on this thread, but hey, I'm in the mood to vent a little.)

    For the "made in China" critics of the Garcia's, find me a reel thats not made overseas today that's not a Penn, and even some of theirs are too. What I read from some of the "hate China reels" people is to get American reels and put them on Chinese made Tiger rods??? OK. If you have a problem with things made in China, I'm glad you don't get on your computer very much, watch stuff on your HD flatscreen TV, or listen to the radio. :smile2:

    It's a global economy today, and I don't like it anymore than other people do, but there's not a thing that anyone's going to do about it. Buy what you want and don't worry about it.
  18. catfishcrazy256

    catfishcrazy256 New Member

    the smothest ,strongst reel I have used is a 7000 big game lever drag , Good Stuff !!!!!
  19. Malichi1970

    Malichi1970 New Member

    Fenton, Missouri
    I have a 6500 Blue Cat and the size of the reel doesn't hold a whole lot of line. Since you stated you were fishing in some deep water and going after large fish I'd look into the 7000 series of Abu reels. If you fill it up with Power Pro you can get a ton of line on it and never have to worry if that monster you just hooked is gonna spool you or not. Now with a budget of only $150.00 to spend I'd look into buying a couple of Penn reels and big spool of Power Pro and get more bang for your buck, but that's just me. I have 2 220 GTO's that I absolutely love and they will each hold about 300 yards of 80lbs. Power Pro.
  20. wneubauer

    wneubauer New Member

    McKinney, TX
    Here is another vote for a US made Penn or 2. If a levelwind is not a dealbreaker, the Penn Senator is one of the finest trolling/boat reels ever made... Otherwise, a big Chinese conventional reel with one name or another is the ticket..

    Good luck with your search, and congratulations on the successful budget proposal!