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    Bushings for bearings.Bushings were in things,from fishing reels,to the wheels on rail road cars.They were what we had,and they will take a beating that will kill a ball bearing.You talked of bearings in the 50,s,you thought of bushings.people talk of bearings now,they think of ball & roller bearings.Many reels are still made with bushings,or a combo.of bushings and ball bearings.Yes,ball bearings give you reduced friction at high speed.Many bushing reels are still around,and still in use after 50 years.Will our ball bearing reels last as long?It does not matter what we think,We will not know for 50 years.Why change them out,unless you need a little more casting distance?It would seem that bushings would be ideal for a knock down,dragout,fighting a big old catfish reel.Some of the most modern up to date bearings in the world,are bushings.All types have a use and place.Let,s not sell any short.I have made oak wood bearings,poured large babbit bearings,changed huge roller bearings on submarines and papermills,right down to tiny,high speed needle bearings.Are ALL of these bearings in the reels good for us,or just a selling fad?peewee-williams
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    sometimes i wonder too. my freind had 3 older abu's with bushings and i swear those things cast better than mine with bearings. i just replaced the bearings in my 15-year old ambassadors so we'll see this year.

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    I think the difference in using bearings or bushings is going to be seen through how well the reel owner takes care of his equipment.
    Does he just take the outer cover off calling it cleaning a reel or does he disassemble every part , cleaning and reassembling in the same manner you would be build an engine for your truck or boat?

    From experience in a rod building and reel repair service the big part of folks that tear down a reel completely usually winds up carrying it somewhere in a shoebox to be rebuilt. I know I've rebuilt my share of Hushpuppy, Nike, Reebok, and Adidas reels.

    I fish with my reels the way they come. If they have 3 bearings and 2 bushings that is how they stay. If you are after casting distance the first thing to do is rip the brakes out, and rip the levelwind off.
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    You're right on the money with that one. Bushings work just fine for most applications - though they do require a little more maintenance to keep them lubed and keep the dirt out of 'em. There's potential for metal to metal contact there so a little extra care is required. The good thing about bearings is that they're sealed so dirt stays out a little better and lube stays in.

    Why change them out? Why do we use computers instead of typwriters, or power windows instead of manual cranks. It's the sign of the times :rolleyes: