Redwings' catfish pride

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    Today a buddy of mine approached me with something that he thought i should post. Since he goes to pilot school in the morning before he goes to the highschool for half a day he has an hour for lunch. He usually eats at home and watches sportscenter. THis is what he told me so if the facts are wrong don't kill the messenger.
    As many know its the hocky team the Redwings tradition for the fans to throw octapuss onto the ice. But a new twist was put into the tradition when a fan threw a foot long catfish onto the ice.
    Just thought i oughta pass on this story. hopefully someone can backup this story or provide a link.
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    Thats one lame tradition. Lets throw bullheads at the next Bears game!!:mad:

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    My buddy mention this to me on the phone tonight. He said that he was at the pub and didnt actually see it tossed on the ice but others there did.
    What a shame!!
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    Well at the least the cat made Sportscenter!
    I saw him on there
    How do you sneak a catfish or octupus into a hockey game
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    Look- some folks think that some rednecks boning their sister is a useless lame or disgusting tradition too....myself included, but that still aint stopping some of them rednecks, is it? :p

    I am a michigander and a red wing fan. Detroit is known a the motor city and Hockeytown, and the born-hockey fan inside me rages at this thread. LOL :mad:

    The catfish thing has no point, no merit at all. Thats like when minnesota had the north stars they used to toss walleye out there.... it was to play off the Wings tradition, that obviously is waaaaay more popular that you guys know.

    In Detroit there's a place called Eastern Market- it is an open market where you can get anything you want, fresh flown in, any time of the year. In the original history of hockey there were 8 teams going into the playoffs. One italian fish monger fan from eastern market many years back when the wings made the playoffs saw that an octopus had eight legs, and in honor of the 8 teams in the playoffs, he would toss an octopus on the ice every time the team beat another round in the playoffs as a rally cry.... the tradition caught on, as the wings went on to win the championship. Hockey is a VERY extremely superstitious game. Some guys dont wash their pads for fear of cleansing the luck out of them, some guys beat the ever loving crap out of someone that says even the word "shutout" during a game that could end in a shutout. I have my favorite jersey I wear to watch games in public, and a pair of Wings beat up joggin pants I wear to watch from my recliner.... The superstition got me too.

    If youre ever in the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, look at the celieng- there's a big cartoon octopus hanging there year round with legs as long as the arena. ;)
    In 1995 a 40 pounder was hoisted over the glass. that same year 60 flew on the ice in one game... staining the ice so bad they instilled a delay of game rule for any thing tossed over the glass from that time on. They rarely enforce it, but the rule is there because of detroit. There is even a guy paid to wait in the zamboni entrance with a snow shovel just to scoop the lil buggers up!

    Ive personally tossed two myself. One was canned.... when the wings were on a big losing streak, and it got a standing ovation.

    Dont toy with my boys, brothers! I hope octopai fly this year too- It is a tradition that folks wont ever know or understand elsewhere, but just give us Wings fans the benefit of the doubt. We know what we're doing.

    As for getting them in; well, you can do one of three things, stuff it in a ziplock and jam it in your pants or coat, find a covert friend who works there and have them smuggle it in for you, or buddy up to someone who owns a suite and have them bring it in, as theyre usually shuufled right through the lines without patdown.
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    Now that is a good