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Judy and I took off to the Rediversion Friday night. Got to Russellville around 11:00pm to catch some fresh bait and noticed a shadow of a fish in the shallows beside the boat ramp. We walked to the edge and noticed it was a blue feeding in the shallows, looked to be 8 to 10lbs. We preceeded to net some fresh bait from around the dock, then decided to cut one in half and throw it out since the cat was still around. After only a few minutes of pulling the bait into the path of the cat, it circled the bait a couple of times then picked it up and took off. After a short battle by Judy we netted the cat and to our surprise it was a 22lb Blue. It was pretty cool for us because we have never had the opportunity to sight fish for a catfish. After that we moved down the canal and set up for the night and caught 3 more between 6 and 10lbs. Overall a great trip, weather was perfect.

on a side note we talked to some guys at the landing that said they had caught some bream and bass earlier in the day and that all of them had worms in them when they cleaned them. The cats were fine by the way.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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