Redfish Recipes

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    Wondering if anyone might have a Redfish recipe (or two) they would be willing to share. Would be greatly appreciated. :lol:
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    South Louisiana
    Check local regulations on size limits and or slot restrictions and WHERE fish are Fed's have their own reg's. in addition to State reg's

    The easiest and very good way to have a quick dinner is to to take a 18"-22" whole red and fillet it with the scales ON starting from the head toward the tail using a STIFF fillet knife. To make the slab come off easier- you can take the point of the knife and cut along the dorsal fin running it along the bones to the back bone. Then you can remove the fillet.

    Generally 1-fillet will feed one very hungry person in this size range.
    2- green bell pepper
    2-Medium yellow onion-sliced
    Minced FRESH garlic
    Chopped green onion
    Red(cayenne) pepper
    Whole fresh button mushrooms
    Black Pepper
    Parsley/Whole Bay leaves/chopped basil leaves
    Melted BUTTER with worchestershire and tabasco sauce(2 sticks)

    Cooking options:
    Grill or gas grill-
    Get the grill hot-425-450
    Load the fillets up with ingredients in a grilling basket put on grill scale side
    DOWN and DO NOT TURN . Baste the fillets generously. It is going to smoke and possibly flame. The scales will protect the meat from burning even though they will become black. The meat actually cooks from the top down. If it flames excessively ,use a little beer to douse the flames and even baste the fish a little. It cooks usually in 10-12 minutes.
    Once done -open the wire basket-and gently scoop the meat away from the scales. This is easy because there is a layer of fat between the meat and scales which separates. Serve the fillets in serving sizes.

    Oven method:
    Heat oven 425
    Put fillets in a large pyrex serving dish. Load the fillets up and cook for 20-25 minutes and serve as in the grilling method.

    Options to add. You can add whole oysters or peeled shrimp to the top -but be sure to keep them basted especially if grilling

    Side dishes: a green salad/cran raisins and poppy seed dressing--garlic french bread--ice tea and good friends!!!

    Note: Larger "bull reds" 27" + are not as good . As they mature the meat
    changes from a delicate texture to a more "Meat(like beef steak ) that has a stronger flavor. That can be easily remedied with additional seasonings though.

    Don't be afraid to seasoning the the fish. We usually rub cayenne pepper into the meat where it becomes red and then add black pepper/salt/garlic.

    Bon apetit mois ami!!!!