Red River August 18

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    The hot weather of the past week is just what the doctor ordered on the catfish front. The warm up and stable weather finally gave the cats the push they needed to start the fall feed after what ended up being a long drawn out spawning season.

    The best bite has been in snags along the shore with some deeper/faster water near by. other spots to look at are the front of holes or behind underwater snags. I also noticed that fish are beginning to move into the holes. The best way to cover the holes is just drive over and use your electronics to find them. Most baits are working with sucker and frog being the best.

    The past weekend I had the opportunity to guide for the DNR Becoming and Outdoors Woman program. For two days we took women who had never catfished before on the river to teach them how to rig, cast, bait, and catch bait. All of the women had a great time chasing catfish for the first time and I'm pretty sure they will be back in the future.

    After being around this program I think it is a great program for any woman who wants to learn more about the outdoors and what they have to offer. Hopefully I will get the opportunity to guide for this again in the future.
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    Sounds like a good way to find a good woman too! :))

    I wish the warm weather would stick around but doesnt look like it will. The warmer weather sure helped the flat bite.

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    Sounds like a pretty respectable report there. Lets continue to here these catches Capt.