Red Beans and Rice Recipe

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    I usually make this in a 10 gallon Jambalaya Pot, but this is how I make it for a small group. It'll feed at least 10-15 people cause it's real filling. I will post more later. It's kinda hard to work and post at the same time.

    Red Beans and Rice

    1 lb Red Kidney Beans
    5 Stalks Celery chopped
    1 Green Bell Pepper chopped
    2 Onions chopped (medium sized)
    10 Toes Fresh Garlic finely chopped
    1 Small chunk Country Ham Seasoning pieces (Clifty Farms is the best)
    1 lb Hillshire Farm Smoked Sausage cut up into small pieces so that everybody gets some meat in their bowl (The one with the Pork none of that Chicken, Beef mess just good ole Pork)
    1 small Bag of Long grain Rice
    2-3 tablespoons Bacon Grease/Lard/Olive Oil/Butter/Veggie Oil
    1 3-4qt Seasoned Cast Iron Dutch Oven
    1 Extra Pot for Rice or You can use a Rice Cooker/Steamer
    1 Fish Fryer/Propane Tank
    Water and/or Homemade Chicken Broth made without salt
    Tony Chachere's Creole Seasoning (Green Can w/Red and White Top)
    Large Wooden Spoon

    Step One.

    Soak your beans overnite in clean water and in the morning remove all the beans that float. (these are the bad beans you don't want to eat'em) Then rinse the remaining beans off in a colander and put in a gallon ziploc bag, you want to make sure you keep them cold before you add them to the pot.

    Step Two
    Heat up your Cast Iron Dutch Oven on the Fish Fryer burner

    Step Three
    Add bacon grease or whatever oil you want to use and get it hot.

    Step Four
    Add peppers, onion, 1/2 your chopped garlic, celery to pot, keep it stirred (if your Cast Iron is seasoned properly nothing will stick, cause it'll be as smooth as a newborn baby's butt cheeks)

    Step Five
    Add water/Chicken Broth and Country ham and bring to a boil, boil for about 15-30 mins with the top on and crack it just a hair (you do this so that all the flavors can come together)

    Step Six
    Add your beans to the boiling mixture, bring to a boil and then immediatley lower the flame so that you can slowly simmer your beans. Stir your beans about every 5-10mins after they have simmered for an hour add your remaining chopped garlic and the smoked sausage.

    Step Seven
    Stir in everything, about this tme the weaker beans will break down and you will start to see beans take on the creamy texture you want to see.

    Step Eight
    Boil or Steam your rice on a double boiler (I prefer steamed that way you don't have to worry about overcooking the rice and making it mushy)

    Step Nine
    Put some Rice in a bowl and cover with the beans. Use Tony's like salt. Slice a piece of fresh french bread and enjoy!

    *Note if you can't soak the beans the night before add a little baking soda to the beans to keep everybody from farting so much.

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    Sounds pretty good........will have to give it a try, THANK YA

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    Thank you and welcome to the boards :) :0a25:
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    Preciate It y'all. I have a ton of stuff that I have developed over the years and will be sharing a lot more.
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    That sounds great Anthony! Welcome to the BOC buddy :big_smile:.

    Your instructions are very specific, and you express yourself quite well....I like that.

    Oh, and thanks for tellin' Dano about the baking soda thing. :smile2:
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    Thank You Anthony.Love them Red Beans and Rice but always went to Popeyes!!! Not any More.:wink: J.D.
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    Sounds good!

    I've always found Tony C's too salty for most recipes...never thought to use it instead of salt. Great idea!