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Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by Cattoo, Nov 11, 2005.

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    a buddy and i were talking the other day about record fish. i said there should be different records for people who bank fish and the ones who fish from a boat. the main reason being that it is much easier to land a fish from a mobile platform than it is to be on a stationary one. i would like to know what you guys think. also, in my opinion, i don't think that records should count that come out of farm ponds. here in ky., the bluegill, crappie and channel cat records are all from farm ponds. besides the fact that (and don't get me wrong here i enjoy pond fishing from time to time) its like fishing in a bucket its also very easy to "grow" record size fish. please give me some feed back guys.
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    If I remember correctly,the record Blue Cat from TX in 2004 was caught from the shoreline of Lake Texacoma. Now the new record Blue that was caught this year was taken from the Mississippi River by a gentleman in a boat. In both cases, they knew what they were after, and planned an attack to catch the biggest fish they could with what they had.

    I believe that some ponds will grow bigger fish from time to time, but the pond I fish the most has 100's of 1-2lb channels, and a very few 5lb + channels. In fact, I've fished two rivers this year, and the biggest channel I caught was maybe 1 1/2 lbs. A river will have big fish. The big ones are the ones who have been smart enough to eat when possible, and hide from predators. Ponds are the same way. Most ponds aren't big enough to support large fish, so they don't get that way, but on a rare occasion you might catch one that is considered big.

    Large lakes do offer more food, and cover for fish, and the opportunity to grow large is possible. Some lakes will have Flatties and Blues that when they get big enough have no predators which allow them to get bigger.

    I see this in Minnesota. The lake we go to for vacation has 5lb+ Northerns in it with the biggest caught last year being 11 1/2 lbs. The Northerns have no predators in this lake, as it is free of Muskie. The Walleye population on the other hand isn't as good as it used to be before the introduction of the Northerns, so now the DNR stocks the lake with 8" fingerlings in hopes of rejuvenating the population. In this case, the dominate predator was replaced by another, and was soon thined out. If there was a predator who ate 50lb+ Cats, don't you think we would be after it???

    As for my opinion on seperate records, the answer is no.


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    I've gotta say "No" on this one too.
    There are tons of area on our local rivers where its BANK only spots. Plus shoot look at the big time lakers, alot of them take the boat to the spot ,only to fish, you guessed it, FROM THE BANK!
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    hay h2o ever wonder why bank fisherman try cast out towards middle and boat fisherman ancor in middle and cast as close to bank as they can??? :rolleyes: :confused: