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    My son is thinking about a buying a muzzleloader. I have never use one and have very little knowledge of brands or even what is required. Can some one help us out or point us in the right direction for a good quality starter package? Are the package deals sold at Wal-mart and Bass Pro complete enough to get started and go hunting with?

    Thanks for any help.
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    Thats what I did. I got a combo package from Basspro. It had just about everything including a instructional video. I still look at that every now and then. It was a CVA 50. cal hunterbolt magnum. Its not anything fancy but it puts a hole in whatever I shoot. Id recommend them and the 209 ingnition primer. One good thing about the packages is that you usually get all the little tools youll need for the gun.

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    The Packages At Wal Mart Are Not Bad Deals For Beginners . I Believe They Carry The Knight Wolverine With The Starter Kit(correct Me If I'm Wrong).knight Makes A Good Gun But The Wolverine Is The Low End Gun For Them.there Are Better Guns Made It Just Depends On How Much You Got To Might Want To Go To A Gun Dealer And Start Asking Questions.accessories Can Add Up Will Have To Buy More Powder -primers Or Caps-sabots-lube-nipple Picks-etc.etc.etc.i Think Knight And Thompson Center Are About The Best On The Market Hope This Helps Ya .