Reckon this one will bring anything?

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    Here's a picture I took of a young cat from my deer blind this year. I'm hoping to catch this one's grandpappy. Check out the spots on this cat's upper legs. Gonna be a pretty sucker!! Sorry for the crappy picture, but it was taken with my cellphone. Hopefully you can see the cat alright. He's to the left of the shingle on the ground.

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    It's amazing how well they blend in. Last year we were riding across a buddys farm and seen something crossing a field, stopped a big blue tahoe and just watched. It gets close enuff to the truck i can tell it's a big cat. It gets within 50 yds. of the truck and must have sinced something ain't right and hunkers down in grass not 6" tall. I'm lookin straight at the thing and can barely see it. Told me friend to drive up on it and it lets us get within rock chunkin distance before it moved. I had a 410 and burnt his butt and talk about boogie, he left town in a hurry. I guess they serve a purpose but eatin rabbits, turkey and all other type of smakk game is all i can see.:confused2: I hope ya catch his momma, daddy and all it's cousins.