recarpeting pontoon?

Discussion in 'Boat Repair Help' started by mjpotts, Aug 15, 2009.

  1. mjpotts

    mjpotts New Member

    Sulphur Springs Tx
    I plan on recarpeting my pontoon. Any advice.:cool2:
  2. Swampfox.

    Swampfox. New Member

    something that is uv stable. and dont hold on to smelly fish. somthing you can clean regularly.

  3. smokey869

    smokey869 New Member

    i recarpeted mine last spring, i picked up a dark gray color of indoor-outdoor carpet from lowes, seems to be holding up well so far, also used the thick paste type glue, we rolled it on laid the carpet, and rolled it with a small lawn roller, it stuck it down tight, it said it was completely water proof, and i have hosed the carpet down to clean it a few times, has not come loose at all, hope this helps you
  4. cathog

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    Lone Oak Texas
    Matthew, the last 2 days I have fished from a 24' tritoon with marine vinyl floor. It seemed to be perfect for catfishing, floor wasnt slick at all when wet and the slime and shad guts washed right off of it. I am looking at the option of redoing my bass boat with the same stuff. I have never liked carpet in a boat anyways, this vinyl floor seems to be good stuff.
  5. Johnny B

    Johnny B New Member

    My buddy has a 29 foot pontoon that isn't the nicest looking but we used the stuff that they use in mini golf courses I forget what its called. Stays clean, easy to clean, and very durable.???maybe this helps...astroturf maybe??
  6. catfishinsc

    catfishinsc New Member

    I've always thought if I ever built or rebuilt a pontoon, I would use something other than wood for the floor, and use spray on bedliner to coat the floor. It would cost a lot at first but it would be easy to clean, virtually maintenance free, and I should never have to replace it.
  7. playin4funami

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    Saronville Ne.
    Next time I refurbish another pontoon boat,it's getting the floor stripped off and vinyl decking put down,no carpet,no paint,nothing else,durable, UV protected,lots of traction when dry or wet,easy to clean! I thought of installing a 12 volt high pressure pump to have it pull in lake water and run it through a spray gun to do easy cleanups on the way in for the day,then do occasional good cleanings at home. I'm looking at a 32 footer that would be a pain to trailer,but might leave it at the lake I fish the most all summer then haul it home for wintertime. Oh,yeah you can also make benches and lockers out of the vinyl decking so keeping things clean and organised should be a snap. IF I decide to pull the trigger on this I think it will make a excellant fishing platform.