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    Well I am getting ready to start another project on my boat. I have been fooling around with different bait tanks for years, but now that I am tourney fishing, my plans have changed a bit. Basically I have a 100 gallon aluminum tank from TSC. What I am planning on doing is ripping out the front deck of my boat, and making it much higher. Meanwhile, I want to install the tank underneath the front deck, and have it accessable via 2 hatches. This way I have a livewell, and a bait tank, instead of running 2 seperate tanks. It is a 19.5 ft Aluminum Deep V. I just put a yamaha 150 on it, so the weight should compensate nicely from front to back. And also I never plan on having that tank completley full, If I am fishing a tourney I need to fill that tank to the brim to hold the fish I think I have had a descent day if you get my

    My biggest question is this, since the tank will be underneath the floor, and the floor will most likely be wood, what kind of sealer would you guys recommend? I am sure that water will be splashing quite a bit onto the underside of the deck. Or is there other material that may be better to use? Thanks guys..:0a35:
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    MDO signboard is a good floor material, cheaper than marine grade, way better than regular plywood. You had probably better seal it up with some quality marine epoxy resin on both sides and the edges, Then you can rough up the top side with some 80 grit for adhesion and lay on some anti-skid coating (I recommend TuffKote) or marine carpet. Good luck.