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Reason to celebrate

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:003: Well I did it. Yesterday I completed my Hunter Trapper Education course and aced the test. YAY! I can't wait to go hunting this year. I'll be going for turkey and deer once the seasons start and have some fun with target practice in the meantime. Wish me luck. :grin-big:
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Good job thats a class I have taken twice as I lost my credentals the first time and should be an asset to you as you Hunt. Lots of good information in those classes I wish every hunter would take the class it would make the woods alot safer during hunting season.
good job on the test. I was a hunter safety instructor here for many yrs . I agree that everyone would benefit from taking it.
Good job, Eithne! Best of luck. I have a cousin who lives up your way near Susquehanna, and she loves to deer hunt on their farm. She actually killed 2 with one shot a year or two ago. Hope you have luck this year.
That's GREAT!!!
My hat is certainly off to you, and wish you many happy and safe hours on your outings. :D
Hey- great job!

Now I can add "good shot" and "Educated hunter" to all your list of credentials that I spew off whenver youre in chat! LMAO

Congrats, go get em... and remember; No deer wear flannel shirts and wool caps. Keep that into perspective and you'll never make the wrong page of the newspaper.

safe fun times!
Well, Saturday morning was certainly a momentous and happy day for Kristine, You guys shoulda seen her smiling from ear to ear. I took her to Bass Pro Shops and bought her a brand new cleaning knife, and she has been excitedly watching all my old deer hunting movies.
In addition to Kristine being excited, I have to say Im quite excited myself. In fact, Id have to say I may be even more excited than I was in the days and months leading up to my own first hunting trip. Im also very proud of her...she sat there and paid attention to everything the instructors had to say. Im so very excited and proud that I have passed on some of the biggest parts of my life and now hunting to Kristine. I love explaining things and seeing the look on her face as she tries something new. I've always watched the outdoor shows, and listened to the excitement that people have when they introduce the outdoor sports to their loved ones, but I guess the true importance of it never really quite registers until you do so yourself. Pasing this on to Kristine makes me realize what my cousin must have felt as he took my brother and I afield for the first time. I think all of us who are able, should remember to thank the people who introduced us to the outdoors we all cherish so dearly, and remember to promote outdoor recreation as much as possible.

Congratualtions Kristine, I look forward to hunting with you for many years to come.

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