REALITY SHOW????they should call it what it really is

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by FS Driver, Aug 11, 2006.

  1. FS Driver

    FS Driver New Member

    seems like each month there is a new show on tv that is
    labled "REALITY TV "
    everything from punk skateboarders trashing up there familys houses pulling dumb pranks to predictable mindless celebrities in there so called normal environment .

    this past evening i happen to look over at the tv and i am graced with a very large middle aged man takeing a dump in his REALITY show.

    come on . is this what its come down to?
    i dont want to see anyone dropping a chalupa .

    this is so far retarded that i hate to seee whats put on tv next.

    i had to watch enough of it to see what the heck this show was and i turned it off before i could hear the name of it all i know it was like a
    father on the pot calling a family meeting and i think his teenaged son was actually in there with him getting the big lecture while this fat greasy guy in nothing but a pair of underwear around his knees is takeing care of business.

    all i know is ive never really thought about a chip sensor or stuff like that cause i thought we could pretty much select and choose what our kids can or cant watch but after this i really think i will see if i can
    at the least delete the channel this pathetic show was on.

    what are they trying to prove or promote with idiotic content like this
    i dont want to see myself in that position and i sure as heck dont want to see you or anyone else like that either. thats what a door is for .
    what next?
  2. RIP

    RIP New Member

    Somerville, Tennessee
    And how can that be a reality show who calls a family meeting when they are dropping off the kids(taking a dump) not me.

  3. Crackr

    Crackr New Member

    I can't stand these programs. Especially the family variety of these shows. Hogan Knows Best. Gene Simmons' Family Jewels. The Osbournes. Driving Force. Are you kidding me?? Why all of a sudden do these people, millionaires several times over, need to address their home lifestyle (which is BS in my opinion - if it was real and that 'dramatic', why would you want to air it?) for a million more???? These folks IMHO want to lure the viewing audience into the thought that their lives and our lives hold a parallel path. Not quite that simple. Their stories are fabricated and that's being clean about it. Our strife is un-scripted, and can't be solved by a check for $25K. These shows exist as an "in your face" to tabloids. Can you not see Hulk going on Entertainment Tonight and saying, "Yeah, dredge up our dirty laundry if you'd like......we openly air it every week."? Those kind of shows are humorous at best, problem is I can't find a chuckle to give 'em.
  4. MRR

    MRR New Member

    T V has gotten plumb stupid anymore thats why I basically watch Ballgames or have it on the music channels. Don't really watch that much TV anyway. Rather listen to music.
  5. shania

    shania New Member

    San Leandro, Ca

    Now that's "Reality T.V." :boss:

    Well Said Darryl!
    (Reality T.V. :roll_eyes: ) (Give me a break :roll_eyes: ).

    Take it easy,
    Bert:cool2: & Shaina:0010:

    :worship: :0a23:
    Bert & Phil
  6. Mutt

    Mutt Administrator Staff Member Supporting Member

    well come on they are reality shows. They make you realalize just how ignorant and stupid and lame some people are that watch that crap and just how low some will go to make a buck. I dont even turn my tv on much anymore. I am at the point of getting rid of all the tvs in the house why bother I cant stand the crap on them.
  7. splitshot

    splitshot New Member

    It is getting worse erery year Darryl, just mindless garbage. The sad thing is people seem to like it. When i was growing up we had shows like lassie, sky king, all the old westerns, like roy rodgers. then there was buck rogers, the ed sullivan show. i love lucy, the red skelton hr. leave it to beaver, my three sons, I could go on and on, the point is they were all family orentined, and good clean fun. If you ever watched any of these youll notice there was always a morale to the story, and you could actully learn something, about values, honesty ect. Now its all sex and violence. Mostly what i watch is the news, discovery channel, sports, the outdoor channel, history channel, and the old westerns.
  8. zappaf19

    zappaf19 New Member

    I saw a report on TV about those shows. Some of the time the have scripts and editing in the film room to make things look like they happened. I don't wate my time on them. I use to watch shows like Barney Miller. When I was real small there was a show called sea hunt and the flying fisherman and.........
  9. fishinpals

    fishinpals New Member

    Virginia, Illinois
    Reality TV ????????????? It's got a script and knows there are those who will watch anything.
  10. buddah

    buddah New Member

    Pennsylvania Wi
    Aw come on! Most are complete crap but I am a HUGE KISS FAN and love the "Gene Simmons' Family Jewels" show! Sorry I'm in the KISS ARMY, obligated to watch! LOL! :cool2:
  11. Taliesin

    Taliesin New Member

    Are you going to join us that spend that time fishing instead?

    I don't have time to watch TV. Work 45+ hours a week, 6.5 hours a week travel time, 25+ hours a week fishing, 10+ hours a week reading, 10+ hours playing on the computer.
  12. Flatheadhunter33

    Flatheadhunter33 New Member

    Yuma, Arizona
    I think that The Ultimate Fighter and the Contender are excellent shows.
  13. bearcat

    bearcat Member

    Nokomis, Illinois
    Hey Darrel. Have to agree with you. The stuff on TV is terrible. I have read that most all the reality show are actors with out jobs and that they are all most always staged to try and make as bi as splash as possible. They continue to push the boundries of what is viewable. The sad part is that they get enough people to watch them to keep them on TV.
  14. Flatheadhunter33

    Flatheadhunter33 New Member

    Yuma, Arizona
    I also like the Deadliest Catch. There is no way that show is staged...
  15. dreamer34

    dreamer34 New Member

    danville virginia
    if they want reality...why not take a rich family and lets see if they could live off what i make
  16. BamaCats Lady

    BamaCats Lady New Member

    Luverne, Alabama
    Reality shows are for the most part BS. I enjoyed Last Comic Standing. Never saw an episode of American Idol & don't plan on it. & agree about Deadliest Catch! That show is so cool (no pun intended). I miss the nice CLEAN family shows I grew up with! One of my fav shows as a kid was Quincey, But I loved the sit coms. Happy Days, Laverne & Shirley... Etc...
    Now the stuff on tv is so violent we try to get the kids to bed before primetime starts so they won't be esposed to all the cop shows & the drama!
    Since we live out in the sticks, we cant get cable & at the moment can't afford satelite (sorry I can't spell today) All we get are some of the local channels. And the programming is pretty awful
    Hey, does anyone know why on earth they broadcast the commercials at twice the volume as the tv shows?
  17. dreamer34

    dreamer34 New Member

    danville virginia
    they want ya to pay more attention to what they are sellin than what you are watchin
  18. Love Them Cats

    Love Them Cats New Member

    Vinita, Oklahoma
    Now that would be worth watching!

    My daughter watches some of those on MTV and it makes me want to pull my hair out every time one comes on.

    I hate the ones about the familles the worst.
    If my family was like some of those, I would take the money they earn and get them some help.

    When MTV first started, it was a pretty good channel, but now most of the shows, videos and music is just plain disgusting and not worth watching. They play a lot of them reality shows.

  19. crome

    crome New Member

    yep,me too!!!!!!!
  20. Pastor E

    Pastor E New Member

    Beebe AR
    Tvs to me is just awaste of time I broke the habit now i don`t watch that junk:smile2: