Real Men's Quiche

Discussion in 'The BOC Diner' started by Catgirl, Jul 13, 2008.

  1. Catgirl

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    Okay, so it's actually called Hearty Sausage Quiche.....but real reel men DO eat it :cool2:. I WOULD suggest eating this only occasionally however, unless you want your cholesterol and triglycerides to jump sky high :wink:.

    1 pie crust (refrigerated, frozen, or homemade)
    1 lb. hot pork sausage
    1/3 cup chopped green pepper
    1/3 cup chopped sweet red pepper
    1/3 cup chopped onion
    1 (3-oz) pkg. cream cheese, softened
    5 eggs
    1/2 cup half and half
    1 cup (4-oz) shredded Monterey Jack cheese
    1 cup (4-oz) shredded cheddar cheese
    1/4 tsp. black pepper
    dash of ground nutmeg

    Prepare and bake pie crust according to package directions for an unfilled one-crust pie.

    Cook and crumble sausage in a skillet over medium-high heat for approximately 3 minutes. Add onions and peppers; cook and stir 5 minutes more or until sausage is no longer pink and veggies are tender. Drain well and set aside. (To cut a bit of fat, I normally finish cooking the sausage, drain/remove/wipe skillet; then saute the veggies in cooking spray until tender.)

    In a mixing bowl, beat cream cheese until smooth. Gradually beat in eggs and half and half. Stir in the cheeses, pepper, nutmeg and sausage/veggie mixture.

    Pour into baked crust. Bake 35-40 minutes in preheated 350 degree oven, or until knife inserted near center comes out clean. Let stand 10 minutes before serving.
  2. 223reload

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    Never had the chance to try Quiche but it don't sound bad [cept the high chol] it looks like its very rich .

  3. jtrew

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    Little Rock, AR
    Looks plumb yummy! I'll just take a couple of extra pills for the triglicerides and cholesterol.
  4. metalman

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    Yes, it sounds quite delicious.
    Real men do eat quiche but only if it is full of really bad things and weighs about 5lbs. This one appears to meet those criteria :eek:oooh::eek:oooh::eek:oooh:
  5. baitchunker

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    i like quiche. i like quiche with conecuh sausage/ or venison summer sausage.

    but, i really like when my aunt suzy makes a crab meat and shrimp quiche. Amy makes a pretty good crawfish tail quiche too.

    but the real dinamo! crabmeat-and conecuh sausage quiche! thats the killer. but, it takes forever to clean enough crabs for a big quiche. so we only make it every now and then.