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Discussion in 'Blue Catfishing' started by westkybanded, Jun 21, 2006.

  1. westkybanded

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    Ok, well so far this year we've done limblines, jugs, trotlines, R&Rs and noodling. We've caught our fair share of big channels and flats, and now we've decided to specifically target big blue cats on rod and reel.

    I know we're going to need to find a reliable source for shad and skipjack for bait, but would you consider drifting across old creekbeds and channel dropoffs the best way, or do most of you anchor in a likely looking place for a long time?

    I've had one decent blue caught out of our boat this year by a buddy of mine (about 16lbs or so) and he came by drifting on shad guts. We're looking for bigger and uglier!

    Yes, we'll put the big ones back. Don't want to start a ruccus....
  2. vlparrish

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    Bedford, Kentucky
    Banded, it sounds as if you are going to tatrget blues in a lake. You could drift to catch those blues as you said. As far as catching the bigger ones, you would have to do it on a really calm day or control your drift, with a sock or trolling motor. I have rarely caught the larger blues drifting. I have tore them up anchored though. I would look for structure in deeper water especially along a rocky ledge. Vern

  3. countrycat15

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    i always cought my biggest blues anchored.but just remember
    big bait=big fish
  4. laidbck111

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    sounds like these guys have got you covered anchored works best for me.
  5. dcaruthers

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    I have had great success finding big blues in the middle of the lake around dead tress (15-25ft deep) I use a slip float fishing about 3-5 ft off the bottom. Give it about 45 min per spot and then move around. You will find them. It has worked for me on Lake Guntersville and Lay in Al and also on Santee Cooper in SC. If I ever see striped bass hitting schooled shad, then I forget everything and fish the floats in the middle of the madness. Good luck to you.
  6. WylieCat

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    My biggest blue was around 22 pounds drifting, and I have caught them up to 33 pounds anchored.

    Drifting will produce blues, and your idea of targeting creek beds and drop offs is a great place to start.
  7. Tellico00

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    Collierville, T
    I usually only drift fish for Blues. I find a hole or a change in the bottom of the river or lake and drift the area. I find that the larger cats are lazy and need more time to look at the bait than smaller ones. So you need to slow down the drift either with a drift sock or a trolling motor. The idea is drift slower than the current so to give the fish a longer look at the bait.
  8. Taliesin

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    Striped bass, hybrids, white bass... Any of these feeding will let scraps fall and the blues hang around underneath the chaos like lazy, fat cats.
  9. Matthew72

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    Cobden Il.
    I been using cut and hole bluegills for bait a lot lately targeting big(10to20lbs) blues, I have not got one yet but I aint giving up. I went yesterday and had a gill head and guts on a 5/0 red circle hook and got a hit, a big one that bent the pole over good. I also changed over to whole live bluegills(4or5inch) after that, looking for flatties. I don't have any hooks larger than the 5/0. I will go to a larger hook soon. I find myself thinking to myself, "At least I aint wasting my time dragging in these little bullheads and drums." I am fishing from the bank so my post probley will not even help anyone.
  10. catfishrus

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    north carolina
    i would go with the drifting for this time of year. you can catch big blues drifting. i caught a 48lb last year at santee and my dad got a 49lb at badin lake this year. i broke one off this year that would go 50 plus so it can be done, just got to get a plan and stick with until you master it. you have to slow down the drift like stated above. i like drifting over humps and drop offs in the lakes i fish.
  11. Abu65

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    I anchor & fish all the time I need to practice drifting to get good at it. Dont put all your baits on the bottom Blues tend to suspend alot. Good Luck!!