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    I am heading down to LKN tomorrow to stay through Sunday. I will get the chance to fish every day for 6 days. I am fired up!!! We will get down tomorrow night in time to catch some bream and perch. I will get up early head down to the dam and cast net for some shad and I am off to the channel for a combo flathead striper morning. If you see me running around in a 17 ft Carolina Skiff with a bunch of rods and a big smile on my face wave. I patrol a couple of areas: the island areas in the 20 to 24 mile markers, the point off of the 11 mile marker and about a mile up the river (crappie fishing).
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    6 days....sounds fun for sure. G'luck and bring us back some picks.


  3. Tubby Catfishin

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    Just know this........... EVERYONE ENVIES YOU RIGHT NOW............myself included. Best of luck to ya and be safe!! Bring us back some good news and pics!!!!!!!