Reading the Monongahela River????

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    I finally have my boat water ready and am planning on a flathead trip within the next week. I have been fishing a smaller creek from the bank that is roughly 200’ wide and varies from 8’ to 15’ in most places.

    I understand that now I have to go out and find the flatheads when I fish for them in the river cause it is such a large area. I have read on here about what to look for but I would like as much advice as possible before I make the first trip.

    The river I will be fishing is the Monongahela River in SW Pennsylvania. The river is a fairly deep river and supports heavy barge traffic. I would estimate the river to be between 750 to 1000 feet wide in most areas but that is more of a guess. The pictures below will better describe it.

    Anyways, what should I look for to find potential hotspots? I have read a lot about log jams being great spots but I don’t ever recall seeing that type of structure on the Mon River. I’ve also heard about river bends being good starting points. I do have a depth finder, fish finder and a lowrance. They are older models but I believe they work well enough to show me depth changes and structure.

    I am just looking for any advice you guys can give me about what to look for that might save me countless hours throwing lead at empty waters with no flatheads.

    If anyone has google earth, the first picture has the cooridinates of where I will launch my boat from on the mon river. This may give you a better idea of what the river looks like and exactly where I will be focusing on. If you type those cooridinates into your google earth you can scan along the river.

    Thanks for any help you can give me!
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    places like bridge pillars, boat docks, creek mouths are all good places to start looking around. sandbars and flats are good bets as well. don't always think deep water as a lot of flatheads come out of shallower water than you would think. whatever your fishing now seems to have been paying off for you lately so if you can get your boat there Mike don't give up on it completely. if you are going to fish the big river take what you've learned from the small water and apply it there. look for like stucture and water depth and start there.
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    Try @ the old coal loading station. Come out of ten mile and hang a right just up the river about 10 min.
    Bring lots of hooks.
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    fishing the Mon .. latly for me im targeting the 8'-15 depth' water where the main depth is 30' to 35', current.. hot water outlets cold water outlets feeder streams any structure. havent had much luck on bridge pillers have had some luck when i find underwater structure but its hard to find it alot of times... its a trail and error type of thing atm cause some spots seem great to the eye but the fish are not their or not biting for some reason.. dont get fustrated :big_smile:
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    I fish that area a good bit, I launch from the state ramp on the Fayette County side where the ferry crosses. Jay is right about the old coal loading station. You have actually been fishing some of the better water. When boat traffic is down on Ten Mile creek it can be great. There is plenty of sunken timber on both sides going up the Mon. There are several smaller streams that flow into the Mon in the area. If you go far enough up there is an old dam they imploded at Rices Landing. There is lots of debris left from that that I have done well fishing. It has drop offs from 8 to 35 feet deep. Just take your time and give them a shot just like the other guys said.


    Bridge pillars are always good,below any of the dams,where old dams used to be,and I like along any old walls or barges that have been there for a while.Flats seem to like following walls when they,re traveling.:wink:.Good luck!