Reading the bottom with my Eagle Fish-easy.

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    Now, looking for places to make Catfish sets, I'm really paying a lot more attention to the bottom readings. So I notice some things that seem odd to me.

    The difference between a fairly smooth bottom line, and the Dark thick line. As I recall, the Dark thick line is the Muddy or soft bottom causing multiple's of the Ping.

    So what are the Dark thick lines that extend upward as if it were a Telephone pole or a large column?
    In one area I saw a long stretch of Muddy bottom with a lot of those lined extending up like columns.

    One more thing I just noticed about this little unit is the increase in the number of Fish Icons just at the instant the Fish-easy is changing Depth's.
    At first I really thought there were lots of fish there.
    Doing a circle confirms it must be some noise or some Software anomoly when the Transducer is about to the limit of it's frequency response for that depth.

    ALSO, my Fish-easy has four sized Fish Icons.
    Small, a bit bigger, bigger yet, and huge.
    Anybody know if the Icon represents one fish or a bunch of em'?
    My book says nothing about the different sized Icons.