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Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by jim, Jul 27, 2006.

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    The latest issues of OUTDOOR LIFE and FIELD&STREAM are two of the best I have seen in a long time.There is something for everyone.The new world record Hammerhead shark is shown and for you POWER PRO guys it was caught on 100lb PP.Not bad considering it weighed more than 1200lbs.There is a great illustration of a line to line UNI knot and how to tie it.The UNI revolutionized fly fishing which speaking of there is a hilarious article on fly tying by Patrick MacManus.If you want to bust a gut laughing get any of his books and read it.There are good reviews of handheld GPSs as well as many hunting articles including what is new in bowhunting gear with bow reviews.There is a good article about "so you want to be a fishing guide" a story of an 11 year old girl that killed the buck of a lifetime in ohio and much much more.If you are like me you can go into the "THRONE" room and not come out for hours.:big_smile: Read the "My toughest hunt ever" story for those of you that think you have bad luck.Again I've read these magazines for a lifetime and these are 2 of the best issues I have ever seen.:smile2:
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    Good review. I'll be looking for my new F&S!

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    Thanks for the information.
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    I think I have about every book from Pat McManus. I think he is hilarious. I'll probably go pick up both magazines tonight. When is In-Fisherman catfish magazine due out again?
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    another good reading material for the throne i've found is Reader Digest.. hehe.