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    Reply to Olefin regarding rotenone:
    Dayton thanks to your reply to my post this morning about rotenone. Several years ago I tried to re-kill that bullhead pond with rotenone. Couldn't find it anywhere-farm stores, co-ops, internet. They either didn't sell it or wouldn't sell it to me. Finally called the state fisheries office and talked to the head honcho. Told him what I needed and he said, "No problem, we use it all the time and sell it to individuals who need it. We are out right now and will be getting in a number of 50 gallon barrels. Call in two weeks and we'll have some for you." During that conversation I tongue in cheek told him I liked to trout fish the state stocked streams. It would come in handy. Drop some of that above a pool and the trout would come to the surface like dead alewives on a beach. Absolute dead silence on the end of the phone-talk about a pregnant moment. Eventually got him to laugh at that and we hung up. Two weeks later I called the office and talked to the front girl about the rotenone. I'm sorry sir, there has been a new policy change. We are no longer selling rotenone to private individuals." End of conversation. See, you can change government policy without even having to vote!
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    Haha thats awesome.

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    Either that, or ask, "How much of that stuff would you have to put into the city's water supply to start killing people?" I swear, our guv'mint would put a kid in jail for throwing a rock and let go terrorists with a nuclear bomb!