Re-Diversion 5-21-09

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    Judy and I took off for the Re-Diversion again thursday evening, I swear they should deed us some land on them banks as much as we have stomped up and down them this year so far.

    Bait was a little tough to come by with all of the wind, but I did manage a few perch with the cast net. First place we set up was a bust with the 20mph winds hitting us in the face the whole time, so we headed up to the upper end of the canal towards russellville. Got the rods set up loaded with perch parts. First fish came on perch head around 5:30 or so, then next one 20minutes later also on perch head. Well put all the perch head I had on the rods then...3 heads was it. Right around dark we managed 5 fish within a 30minute period with the last two being a double, judy bringing one in and me beside her landing another. Totel for the evening was 7 Blues, ranging from 8lbs to 22lbs. We were very happy to finally catch more than just one or two at a time from down there.
  2. nice job Robbie. a good fishing spot on land sure beats bouncing around
    in the high waves in a boat any day.