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    I'm older than dirt...overweight...and not very agile! In other words, I'm too dang old and fat to climb back into my 14' fishing boat should I fall overboard!

    Did I fail to mention that I'm also very clumsy?

    So I decided that a simple boarding ladder might be something that might come in handy some day...or some night! The problem with some of the aluminum boat ladders I looked at is (1) They cost money! (2) They have to be stored somewhere on the boat...and most likely would not be stored where I could reach the ladder is I was in the water.

    A transom mounted boarding ladder would be OK except for the fact that I didn't want to drill any holes in my Classic 1957 Richline aluminum boat!

    So I ended up shamelessly copying a folding transom mounted wooden ladder that a friend Rob Rohde-Szudy made for his wooden sailing boat.

    Here are several photos of the ladder showing it mounted on the transom of my boat using 4 SS bolts that use the existing holes. And, also with the ladder folded for storage and travel.





    I'm hoping never to actually have to use the ladder, but I do get some comfort knowing that it's there if I need it!

    Old Bill
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    Thanks to Old Bill for this idea. I came across it while trolling the web for a boarding ladder. Bill's desciption of himself fits me! I have adapted Bill's design an made a ladder from 1" steel angle , aluminum treads and 1/16"cable. I am new to this forum and dont know if i can post pictures, but I have some I am willing to share. Jim

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    An emergency ladder can ce your motor cavitation plate on the lower unit.
    One ft on the plate grap transom and ally oop. Oh yaeh make sure the motor is off!!!!!:wink: