Raystown Lake

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  1. RebelMan

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    If you guys live around this lake you gotta fish it. I fish it in Mid May and I hammer the bass there. I either work the shorelines with 3 inch shiners or troll with 6 inch trout(caught a nice channel like this). Any of you guys out there have any good luck at Raystown?
  2. Bucktail033

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    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    i live in pittsburgh but i fish raystown heavily over the summer. At the cliffs we hammer the big stripers with those trout youre talking about. good luck man

  3. buddah

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    Pennsylvania Wi
    I go there on our family reunions and I love the fishing there! Spot on!:big_smile:
  4. RebelMan

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    We have the best luck at browns hollow for big stripers and largemouth