Ray Hubbard Lake and Rowlett Creek

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  1. kayakcattin

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    i was wondering if anybody's caught some nice kittys up in rowlett creek. iam always fishing ray hubbard but never been up in the creek. i've seen an ariel of it looks like alot of good spots lots of snag!
  2. fatfreddy

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    i believe youll find during mid Feb. to late Mar. Rowlett creek is full of spawing sandies. i fished it every year when i was in high school and pass by it now and it is always full that time of year. HOWEVER I have never caught a keeper up in the creek and have only had sucess with good sized cats on the rocks at roberson park. I have seen some pics of big cats. But not the numbers produced by Tawakoni and Cedar Creek or Lewisville. That is a neat looking rig though and would prob get you in some real nice flatheads and big channels in the creecks on the north end of tawakoni early june to now during spawing season. i use a homeade tube with a 12' HEAVY pole like a cane pole with blood bait of punch baitup there and have a ton of fun and caught some real nice fish.