Rat's Rod Rack

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    Original post made by William Sipes(Riverrat) on January 3, 2003

    Two 10X48" pieces of OSB clamped together. Mark 10 1" holes along the back edge, a couple inches in from the edge. Do the same on the front edge, but stagger these holes so they are between the back holes. You should end up with 9 holes in the front. Drill out the holes with a 1" spade bit or use a jigsaw. Unclamp them, take the bottom and using the 1" holes as a guide, cut them out to about 1 [size=-2]3/4[/size] inches. If you have pistol grips on your rods, you might have to go to 2 [size=-2]1/2[/size]" holes. On the top piece, cut out a groove to the side of each front hole, and angle it back into the side of the hole to allow the rod to be slid through the groove into the hole so it stays. Keep taller rods in front, shorter rods in the back. You can flex the shorter rods and insert the tip through the hole, slide the rod up, then down into the bottom. Attach it to the wall with L brackets and use scrap 2X4's for leg supports. For a better looking rack use better quality wood and stain it then add a dowel rod in each front corner from base top. I slapped this together out of scraps to get me through the winter.