Rat's Bite Detector For Night Catfishing

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    Original post made by William Sipes(Riverrat) on June 16, 2002

    Those medicine bottles sure come in handy. They have a whole bunch of uses. I have about 7 of them with a piece of aquarium tubing hotglued to the top. On one end of the tubing a 1 1/2 inch chemlight fits snugly in the opening. In the other end I put a bell on a spring that originally was made to go on the rod tip to let you know when you have a bite. Cast out where you want to be, reel in the slack. Then grab the line about 3 inches in front of the rod tip and pull the line back to the rod. Put the bottle on the rod tip. It will fall off with the slightest tug on the line, and at night you have the falling chemlight to let you know you have a bite, and you have the sound of the bell hitting the ground, Also tells you which which pole the bite is it was on if you are fishing multiple rods, since all the rest will still have a chemlight on the tip. Only drawback is a windy night.