Rated how your team did in the draft

Discussion in 'NFL Talk' started by catman872, May 1, 2006.

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    The rams picked up a much needed corner in the first round, Tye Hill.
    Hill was the best "cover corner" in the draft with blazing speed(prolly the fastest guy in the draft).
    In the 2nd round they went with the TE Klopfenstein. With martz out and Linehan in, the TE(s) will play a much much bigger roll. Alot more 2 TE sets.
    3rd round the rams went with DT Wroten and just might be the steal of the draft,THIS KID CAN PLAY! The only reason he went as low as the 3 round is because of some drug charges he had for selling some weed. The rams were very bad vs the run last year and if this kid can keep his head on right hes going to be huge on the d line for them.
    Another 3rd guy was Alston an OLB that the rams will prolly move to safety( not really big enough to play LB in the NFL) Again the rams adressed much needed help on the defence.
    The last 3rd round pick the rams had was TE Byrd, now at first i was not happy with this pick at all,i mean why take another TE when your defence was so bad last year. But after thinking about how many times the rams just couldnt put the ball in the endzone last year inside the 15, the 2 TE sets that Linehan will be running alot will be perfect for this,so not as bad a pick as i first thought.
    I wont go through ALL the picks but i would say over all the Rams did a very good job in the draft. If i had to grade the draft.......id say A-

    Looking forward to the no Martz era in Rams football...GO RAMS!!!!
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    The Steelers got what they needed with their first 3 choices. They traded up in the 1st round to get Ohio State wide receiver Santonio Holmes who also is punt & kickoff returner. The Steelers didn't have a 2nd round pick due to trading it away to draft Holmes. In the 3rd round they took Syracuse defensive back Anthony Smith and Florida State wide receiver Willie Reid.

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    Cleveland Browns get a big A plus in my book, alot of experts agree.
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    Denver invested in the future by drafting Jay Cutler from Vanderbilt. They thought ahead of "The Plummer Era" and thought to sign a good, young quaterback!!!:cool2:
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    Not only did Denver get Jay Cutler they also got Javon Walker for only a third round pick,i know its not a draft pick but that was huge none the less because now they have a legitimate deep threat