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Discussion in 'Fishing Reel Review' started by catfishing is fun, Jul 12, 2007.

  1. catfishing is fun

    catfishing is fun New Member

    I just wanted to know how big of a fish you guys and gals think your combos could handle.... heres an example

    COMBO 1- Ugly stick big water (8ft heavy action) with okuma nikko spinning reel and 50lb spider wire

    ROD-I figure it would handle any fish up to 500lbs
    REEL-I figure it would handle any fish up to 50lbs
    LINE-I figure it would handle any fish up to 100lbs (with proper drag settings)

    COMBO 2-Penn Master 6000 surf rod (12ft) with shakesphere alpha spinning reel and 20lb ande

    ROD- I figure it would handle any fish up to 110lbs
    REEL- I figure it would handle any fish up to 60lbs
    LINE- I figure it would handle any fish up to 45lbs (with probper drag settings)

    You dont have to do this for all your combos, just 1 or 2 of your favorites...
  2. wolfman

    wolfman Well-Known Member

    Triadelphia, WV
    Walter Flack
    COMBO 1- Ugly stik Tiger (7ft Medium heavy action) with a Abu Garcia 7000 Big Game baitcaster spooled with P-Line 40lb mono line

    ROD-I figure it would handle any fish up to 80lbs
    REEL-I figure it would handle any fish up to 75lbs
    LINE-I figure it would handle any fish up to 50lbs

  3. Mickey

    Mickey New Member Supporting Member

    Walter I would have to agree with you. I use about the same equip and that would be my assessment.
  4. StormCaster

    StormCaster New Member

    New York
    Rod from surf 80 lbs.
    Rod from boat 50 lbs.
    Reel from surf 80 lbs
    Reel from boat 50 lbs.

    Line 25# Berkley Big Game - a silky smooth drag will double that.
  5. Creteus

    Creteus New Member

    Loganville, GA
    6'6" Tide water roller rod heavy, tekota 800 reel,

    Rod: Can handle far more than the reel
    Reel: unlimited weigh pending on how lazy the fish is, 25# max drag:wink:
    line: 80# power pro braid can handle alot more than the drag on the reel.

    Combination: 300# shark and a blue whale if he helps a little:smile2:
  6. Cheez

    Cheez New Member

    7' medium Ugly Stik Tiger with Ambassadeur 7000iC3 spooled with 40# P-line I believe will handle most any cat I will hook.
    7' MH Ugly Stik Tiger with Penn 320GT2 spooled with 100# Spiderwire Stealth I know will handle any catfish in North America.
    6'6" medium Offshore Angler Extreme with Shimano Tekota 600 spooled with 40# Offshore Angler Tight Line. I believe will handle most any cat I will hook.
    8' MH Berkeley Glowstik with Penn 220 GTO spooled with 40# P-Line. I believe will handle 50# plus cats and most likely bigger.
    7' MH BPS Innshore with Ambassadeur 6500C3 spooled with 25# P-Line Will handle cats up to 20 pounds easily and maybe larger with some finess.
    7'6" Allstar heavy flipping stick with Ambassadeur 6500C3 spooled with 25# P-Line same as above.

  7. tufffish

    tufffish New Member

    the best overall reels i have are 2 penn z710 spinning reels. i have been using them in salt and fresh water for the last 7 years and they will catch all the fish i am after. i change out from light rods for freshwater and stiffer rods for the bigger inshore saltwater fish.
  8. peewee williams

    peewee williams New Member

    I have given your thread much thought.I really don;t even know how to guess at a answer to your question.There are just so many variables including luck.I once fought or followed with the 8 hp.motor a fish from daylight one evening to after daylight the next morning with a very limp 12 lb.line on a spinning rig.I was fishing for bait with a small piece of shrimp on a long shank #6 hook like I fish crickets for Bluegill with.A giant Sting Ray finely decided to come up and look at me with that little hook in the corner of his mouth.All I can say is how or what in the world.He looked very much wider than the 6 ft.with of my boat.I have been spooled repeatedly with my Penn 68 with 50 & 80 lb.line.I have seen Shark fishermen in the 50's repeatedly get spooled off the end of the Naples Florida pier.They were using the largest Penns available with the strongest lines of the time.I know that they could catch a 14 ft.Tiger shark.I saw a man at night wade out,gaff it with a gaff with a chain,drag it out of the water with a Jeep and measured it on the beach.When I say spooled,I mean all line gone and no slowing down.Watching strong men having their rigs snatched out of their hands at the end of this spooling is why I tie off my rigs or have a short piece of light line tied on my spool and spliced to my main line.It was not unusual to reel in a 20 lb.fish head when deep sea fishing.Believe me,1000+ lbs.of shark gives you a tremendous jolt when it hits your huge grouper.That was with lines that stretched.I cannot even imagine what stresses the braids would transmit to the gear.I Do enjoy reading the thoughts and opinions of all of you.I pretty much rate gear by what the manufactures rate it.I figure you can pretty well horse a fish up to that weight out of heavy cover and on board.From observation and experience,the Captains and crews of these so called "Sport Fishermen" are professionals,not sports.That sport would not have a chance without the pros he hired.Most of what you watch on TV even has a Professional Sport fishermen doing the fishing.The boats and crews catch those fish.The record books are full of these catches made by the experience and expertise of the crews.I am just trying to explain my reasoning.Thanks.I love you Brothers and Sisters.peewee
  9. kscathunter

    kscathunter New Member

    i watched a little bit of in fisherman today and they were pulling up som BIG sturgin 6-800 pounds somthing like that and they were using ugly sticks and pflueger contender reels so i believe that proves that the stuff im using can get er done.
  10. Bluerider

    Bluerider New Member

    Bethalto, IL
    (2) heavy action Surge Rods with Ambassadeur 7000c3i's
    3-12 oz rating
    20-50# line rating

    current setup 80# Power Pro
    I use these for large cut bait
    I believe all 3 variables here are capable of landing world class fish.

    (2) Berkley Air Buzz Ramsey heavy action Specialty E-Glass rods with Ambassadeur 6600CL Rockets
    7' with fighting gimbals and extremely fast tips
    8-16 oz rating
    30-80# line rating

    current setup 60# Power Pro
    I use these for live bait and or drifting
    Rods- World class fish
    Reels- 60#
    line- limited by capacity of the reel, larger than 60 I believe has a good chance of spooling these reels
  11. catstalker459

    catstalker459 New Member

    state line city, indiana
    combo 1:

    berkley big game one piece mh rod.
    pen 309 spooled with 50lb cajun red

    i would have to say i could "winch" in a 60-80lb no problem

    combo 2:

    bass pro cat maxx rod
    abu garcia 5000 with berkely 30lb big game green

    here i would say 20-50lb easily if not more
  12. cathouse

    cathouse Member

    I have narrowed down my equipment to two primary set ups
    1. MH tiger rod with penn 500 or 320 depending on my mood (lazyness)
    spooled with 80# PP . Heavier than i will ever need here but quite
    capable of handling the toughest fresh water fish on this continent
    and more than a few of the saltwater species in capable hands .

    2. My favorite combo is my catfish ugly stick mated with my penn 9
    spooled with 20# suffix seige . My reason for choosing this as my
    favorite is because it serves a lot of my fishing needs , everything
    from the biggest channels to pike , carp , black drum and various
    other large freshwater species and is sensitive enough to feel bait
    thieves as well the rod is tough the reel is a penn and i'll say it again if
    you have not tried this small wonder by penn you just might have
    missed out , it has the same drag as the 209 and will hold plenty of
    braid if you wish and is a well mannerd caster if ever there was one .
  13. foodsaver

    foodsaver New Member

    I have several of the king kat pro rods 8 ft medium heavy with abu 6500's and 65 lb power pro.

    I have landed fish up to 50 lbs on the combo with no problem and I think I can catch some much bigger ones on it as well. Those king kat pro rods have plenty of backbone for the kind of fishing I do. They are big, heavy rods so I don't think I would like them drifting but they are great for anchoring up and putting out some rods.
  14. CJ21

    CJ21 New Member

    Montgomery, Alabama
    I also have two set ups.

    A Abu 6000 spool with 20lb test line mounted on a Berkley Big 7' MH 2 peice rod rig with a slip float rig.

    A Abu 6500C3 with 20lb test line mounted on a Zebco Rhino 6'6'' MH 1 peice rod rig with a three swivel rig. note: I just got the second set up. I use 1 oz floats and sinkers.
  15. Crucial

    Crucial New Member

    Virginia Beach VA
    It's almost impossible to "predict" the over all abilitys of your combo. The skill of the angler plays a HUGE role in the outcome, as does the will of the fish on the other end.
    For example here are a couple of pic's; in pic one and two you can see it looks like some guy is doing a little inshore fishing.. maybe has a good sea bass on the other end... in pic two you can see it's clearly a little Abu Revo he's using for a reel... and in pic three.. well.. that just puts thing into perspective :wink:

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  16. crazy

    crazy New Member

    Kansas CIty, MO
    Rod - Catfish Safari 7'6" river rod - world record
    Reel - shimano tekota 600 - world record
    Line - 40 pound mono / 80# sufix braid - world record

    Like Crucial said it's not so much the equipment it's the person using the equipment.
  17. catfish kenny

    catfish kenny New Member

    I am using a 6ft ocean master rod rated for 80plus and I have a Carbelas csd-45 depth master gold with 80lb braid or spiderwire if you want to call it that,I think I am gonna bring in about anything I hook unless its MOBY then I better have my drag set but it is still comin in or we are breaking
  18. DCcatfisher

    DCcatfisher New Member

    North Carolina
    Abu Garcia 6000's and 6500's on 7' eagle claw medium heavy popping rods spooled with 20 lb. cajun red lightning and I also use a 18-24" 50 lb. leader on the buisness end. I have also been eyeing the 7000's here recently but until I have problems with my smaller reels I just keep using them.
  19. ahab

    ahab New Member

    My gear consists of:
    (2) 7'-0" Ugly Sticksmedium hvy action mated with (2)Ambasedeurs 6501c4
    spooled with 17 lb stren braid (gold), Gamakatsu 5/0 Octupus Circle hooks
    slip rigged w/1/2oxz sinker & 50 lbs leader.- Handle anything that swims 0 to 50 lbs.

    (1) 8' American Spirit Nite Sick with Penn 209 reel spooled with 30lbs BIg Game
    -this is my large bait set up for that 1 fish.
  20. countrycat15

    countrycat15 New Member

    reel-abu 6500-any catfish in north america(in open water).
    rod-bass pro graphite-any catfish in north america(350lbs).
    line-berkley big game 20#-cats up to 280lbs maybe more.(in open water)
    i have many more and will post them when i have more time.