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    Allentown, Pennsylvania
    OK TCAT'S post has got me remeniscing about my childhood days of browsing off the land instead of coming home for lunch. I grew up in dairy country. with mom workin 3rd shift and dad being a trucker my older brother was left to baby sit me. Well he'd drop me off somewhere and would go off with his friends which left me to fend to myself. SO I spent the days at the creek or up in the woods. Id bring home bucket loads of black raspberries, red raspberries, mulberries, black cherries and blackberries. So What do you all do with them? I loved to take red raspberries in some milk and sugar and eat it with a spoon when I managed to have any left from the walk home. All the others I just ate as is, but the red raspberries were my favorite and Id eat it any way I could.
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    Well Scott we do a little bicycling on a canal and ran into some black cap wild raspberries and made freezer jam and vacuum packed for oatmeal and ice cream. Picture a bag lady on a bicycle. Yup you got the picture.

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    after i set my banklines or stock my poles in the mud, i would spend countless hours picking blackberries along the river bottoms. i would take them home, and mom would cook them with sugar and make pies, or we would blend them up in vanilla ice cream for a shake. more often than not i would pick a handful and eat them all at once. mom would know where most of them went because i always had a purple ring around my mouth and purple hands. good times!