Rappahannock river

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    Has anybody fished the rappahannock river around Remington or Kellys Ford.I was wondering if there is any catfish around these areas.There is a boat ramp at Kellys Fordbut is there any good places to fish on the bank?
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    I apologize for not seeing this post sooner.

    I live just a short distance from the upper Rappahannock, fairly near the headwaters in the county that bears her name.

    Unfortunately, for me the call of the lakes is louder than the river, so I have never fished the Rapp. If I did, I would make the trip to Fredericksburg.

    From what I know, the stretch around Kelly's Ford and above is great for smallmouth. There are a few catfish in the deeper holes, but they are rather small.

    Now there are some good-sized catfish in the Shenandoah according to fishing reports.