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  1. vlparrish

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    Bedford, Kentucky
    Hey guys, do any of you use Rapala filet knives. I have had a six inch one for many many years and love it. Last Christmas I was asked what I would like for Christmas, so I said how about a seven inch knife. I recieved two. lol I use them both regularly and they are excellent for cleaning larger fish like catfish and paddlefish. They are really easy to keep sharp too. Earlier I was slicing a wtermelon with one and split one of the black hard fully developed seeds right threw the middle. If you like to clean your fish with a blade instead of an electric knife Rapala's are the knife for you. Vern
  2. Hootowlc3

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    I had the 7 inch for many years, then my son broke the tip. I ground it down to about 6 in. I used that for a couple years. Needless to say my son lost it that time. I asked my wife for another knife. She bought me a $50.00 fillet knife that extends from 6 in to 10 in. I used it one time.
    It converted me to electric knives.
    PS i even had a picture of the knife I wanted laying on coffee table. Go figure. lol

  3. dwreel

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    yep, I have one of the Rapala fillet black handle knives. Good knife. Excellent steel and holds an edge real well. I also use it when I quarter a chicken. Works a lot better than any of my kitchen knives.

    Try it, you'll like it.
  4. pk_powell

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    Thanks brother I'll keep that in mind this info is:0a31: pk powell PS Gonna rep ya for this one.:smile2:
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    Best fillet knife i've ever had is a 3 piece SnapOn fillet knife set that they made approx. 8-9 years ago. This knife would hold a edge forever.... The ones they sell now a days aren't worth a flip... Wish I'd of bought more of them back then.. Hindsight is 20/20 I guess.....
  6. Coyote1

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    Well Brothers and Sisters;
    An associate of mine had bought, and has shipped, one of those fillet knives from Cold Steel that should be here any day. The company makes them in, I think, a 6", 7.5", and 9" model. I believe the 9" one is what is coming my way, but I will find out for sure when it gets here!:smile2: I just love it when my associates and business folks buy things for me to test and keep afterwards if I want too!:big_smile:
    At any rate, I will be bringing this fillet knife with me to the "Sept/Nat-06". Hopefully will get to give it a good workout and see just how well they preform compared to others I have tested over the years and if it will preform to the level of the custom ones I used to make and sell! :cool2:
    See ya all there!!:big_smile:
    Fraternally and Cordially,
    Coyote1 AND My Soulmate; Raven :big_smile:
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    I got the 7" Rapala it suits every fish cleaning need that I have thats for sure.
  8. jdstraka

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    I have been useing Knifes for a living now going on 40 years I am a master Meatcutter. So I have tried all kings over the years and I have to agree with valparrish when he says the Rapala Knife is a very good Knife! You see its made in Sweden And the Sweds use some mighty good steel in there Knives that hold an edge and and stay sharp longer. you talk to any Porfessional meatcutter and he can tell you about another Knife made in Switzerland and it's called a FORSCHNER and it is Made with Victorinox Extra quality Steel, The best in the world in my Openion. now I don't Know this for shure but I'm willing to bet that the Rapala is made of the same Steel. One Tip I might add When your Knife does need sharpning it is best to use an oil stone to sharpen it because an electric sharpner will get the blade to hot sometimes if not used properly and will take the temper out of the blade and then it will never hold an edge as good as before! Your Friend and BOC Brother J.D.Straka :smile2:
  9. fishhook

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    I have a 7" Rapala and like it very well and I agree with John on the oil stone rather then an electric sharpener. An oil stone sharpened knife will hold an edge longer and be sharper then one ground on with an electric sharpener which a lot of times will ruin the edge by cutting the wrong angle on the blade.
  10. peewee williams

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    Yea! I got some of the old birch handle Rapala knives that are older than you( I looked you up ).Some have been used and sharpened so much that they look more like Ice picks than knives.I use a 3 sided "Arkansas Stone" as we call it to sharpen my knives.I have some old,old knives reputed to be made out of old "rip saw"(not cross cut) blades left over from the times when 2 people cut logs into boards with a rip saw and a dug out pit.The steel in the Repalas seem to be just as good.peewee-williams