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    Just need to rant and vent some steam... I bought a new reel a week ago and it worked great until friday night i made a nice cast and heard a clunk in the reel and the thing wouldnt reel the line back in so I jimmy rigged it so i could reel the line in. It worked for a couple hours when i took my little brother out today then the damn thing wouldnt cast. Granted it was only a 20 dollar south bend reel but come on, the catfish ive caught up here arent much bigger than 5lbs so i didnt figure i needed something to fancy... guess i was wrong.
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    Take it back.
    If they won't give you a new reel for it get hold of South Bend customer service.
    I bought a shakespear rod and reel from a buddy. The reel was broken. I called Shakespear and they sent me parts for it and it didn't cost me a thing.
    South bend has been making reels for a long time.They know the value of a satisfied/dis satisfied customer.

    Have a good one and welcome to the BOC

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    Great advice right there if you can't return it to the original store you might want to let South Bend know that as well :wink:

    Good luck!