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Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by Phil Washburn, Jul 19, 2007.

  1. Phil Washburn

    Phil Washburn New Member

    Shawnee OK
    i don't care where i am or what my rank is, but i have noticed lately that there are a whole bunch of "oldtimers" that don't post a lot. their rank level is less than that of some of us that post more often...i would like to suggest that seniority factors into rank....after all, these folks have been with us and supported this site before me and other youngsters.

    and most of my knowledge that i have gleaned from this site comes from them...let's recognize that, OK? :big_smile:
  2. Dreadnaught

    Dreadnaught New Member

    Post count doesn't mean diddly to most of us, as does rank!!!

  3. ryang

    ryang Well-Known Member

    Blacklick, Ohio
    Trust us all Phil your rank :smile2::smile2:
  4. Pennsylvaniacatchaser

    Pennsylvaniacatchaser Well-Known Member

    Sarver, Pa
    My concern is why are the old timers not posting anymore? I agree I learned a lot from them when I was new to the site and truly appreciate the knowledge they willingly shared. I would like to see them return to posting!:cool2:
  5. splitshot

    splitshot New Member

    I agree with Scott, why arent they posting as much?

    BIG GEORGE New Member

    This topic and debate surfaces every so often. Some are busy fishin and what not. The board does a turnover every so often. A large influx of new members with varying levels of knowledge come on board. They form a bond with each other. Amongst them selves they answer the questions and share the knowledge that they have. The liver,cut bait,rod type,where do I go,reel type,line type and the great circle hook questions all start to surface again. These topics have been ridden hard and put away wet by alot of the old timers. Bottom line is it gets old after while. I would think that some just prefer to sit back and watch it unfold. I would think that they still log on and will chime in when the time is rite for them. I always check the new posts. I am finding that I am leanin more towards the general conversation area and always enjoy the threads with the pics and storys. Thats whats great about this site. Theres somethin for everybody. I know that there are folks on here that don't care for the fact that there are other things goin on other than cat fishin. They form thier own little bonds in certain areas on the board. Then ya have the photo buffs, They break off into their world. Then there is the prayer request forum. I'll leave that one alone. Bottom line "LUV IT or LEAVE IT" LOL!
  7. teaysvalleyguy

    teaysvalleyguy New Member

    GC, OHIO
    The old timers definatly deserve their due.

    I also agree with Ryan, Phil definatly ranks. lol
  8. Ol Man

    Ol Man New Member

    Reckon it depends on your definition of "oldtimer"....
    You're all oldtimers to me...:big_smile:
  9. Netmanjack

    Netmanjack New Member

    old-tim·er; Pronunciation[ohld-tahy-mer]–noun Informal.

    1.a person whose residence, membership, or experience began long ago and has been continuing for a considerable length of time; veteran.
    2.an old person.
    3.an old-fashioned person or thing.
    4.Sometimes Offensive. (used as a form of familiar direct address to an elderly man.)
    Origin: 1855–60;

    Jeb, I think Phil is referring to number one, but in your case I think 2,3 and 4 apply! :eek:oooh::smile2::smile2::smile2:
  10. jim

    jim New Member

    Jacksonville NC
    Then of course there are those who shall remain nameless, but whose intials are GEORGE OSTROM,that will go to any lengths to gain notoriety and fame INCLUDING exposing themselves.I guess he would qualify as one of those "Photo Buffs" he mentioned or was that photoed in the buff???:smile2::wink:Its hard to tell who is an oldtimer because everytime we get a new upgrade or version our join date changes,NOT that I'm complaining mind you.I've been on here since 2002-3 and I remember the old timers we are speaking of.George is right though ,after a while and watching the same questions evolve, folks lose interest or just watch and not post.Then again maybe it was GOs avatar that killed some of them off!!!:smile2::wink::cool2:
  11. Dano

    Dano New Member

    Phil, Did you get an approval to start this thread? LOL.:roll_eyes:
    I always thought you was old and "rank", in my book. LMAO:tounge_out:

    Below was an old-timer award pass around years ago to old church members for fun. It was for the 50 year olds and up It had a framed letter with a funny saying that goes with it but I cant find letter so I made up one that is similar to the original.

    From one old buzzard to another.

    You have been proudly selected to receive the old-timer award of me "Buzzy the Buzzard".
    This award is a symbol of your long term membership, your dedication to BOC , giving input on fishing and other subjects , joking around, having fun , stirring the pot when things get boring , a good all around long time member and being a "Rank" old fart. LOL.

    You may proudly display me as an icon in your profile until another member reaches the following milestones of, 1, 2, 3 or more years as a supporting member of BOC, at which time you may give me away or pass on a copy of me and this letter to them for display as an icon in their profile.

    Your constant companion

    Bonus Award

    Phil ,Being a good all around guy that you are.
    I also think you deserve the Good Character Award.

    Enjoy the Rewards
    Your Buddy

    Side note; BOC seems very slow today. Guess its house cleaning time.:confused2:
  12. rodpod

    rodpod New Member

    Evansville, Ind
    I lost my awards, now i dont feel special enough to post as much. lol
  13. trippyclwn

    trippyclwn Member

    Chattanooga, Tn
    now that i am back im not worried about how far up the ladder i can get :smile2: it just means its farther to fall when they update and change things again lol im not complaining i just start developing the "know-it-all" feeling when i post too many times on here and trust me im not a know it all at fishing lol or music but i get by :smile2::crazy: or do i?
    anyway save the "rank" for a night of catfishing :wink:and keep on hauling em in and life will be a lot better!
  14. catstalker459

    catstalker459 New Member

    state line city, indiana
    i believe the old times sit back and watch the site progress with us new guys and young guns who are gonna carry this site into the future. they can be retired if they want they deserve it. they are always gonna be there if we need it no doubt
  15. Cheryl

    Cheryl Well-Known Member

    I'm OLD, and I don't make any time anymore, and as far as helping with catfishin', well I sure am no expert and don't post or pretend I am. I just FEED the fish. I love to come here to escape my everyday life, and perhaps that's not a good thing, but most days, I can't do much , anymore.

    I appreciate all the seniority that the first people have here, and I miss Sci Fi. I came here a little later than most, but used to read and listen to stories from someone here. I'm glad I found the site, for him, and that he still enjoys it too. Unlike me, he is a good catfisherman, and enjoys it. But like me, he's just a little crazy...............not meant in a bad way. Anyway, I salute everyone that kept this site going and thank the good Lord above that Paul and the Mods keep it going.

    Love to all,

    P.S. Phil, please note, I didn't SAY you were rank. :tounge_out:
  16. deerhunter4

    deerhunter4 New Member

    I just want to say one thing you Ole' Timers make it all worth it to me...I am learning and will keep on learning...However your wise old tales and tips make me wanna keep coming back...

    I feel special here and family is the only way I can describe it...I feel as you have had a big part in making it feel this way...Don't ever think us young guns can fill your spots just don't work like that...you have built a legacy here and we appriciate it very much...You are what Legends are built on...Thank You!