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    One random act of kindness.
    I was at the mall the other day, a young women and her two children were leaving with a hand full of bags with out thinking I held open the door and asked her if she needed a hand. The look of surprise on her face told the story, after we got the packages in her car she thanked me, I said your welcome. When going back to the mall an older couple was entering the doors and I was shocked how people just cut them off. What ever happen to manners you know please, thank you, holding the door for people, My son and I left the store the other day he “my son” cut off a mother and her two little children, I called him back and made him open the door for her and I apologize for his behavior and told him that he needs to be more aware of the people around him.

    I digress, What I am asking everyone to do is one random act of kindness everyday this week and ask you friends and family to do so as well, We may not be able to change the world but we could sure make it a little bit better by just doing one act of kindness, open a door for someone, carry something for someone who needs a hand, give a smile or just give encouragement to someone who looks down or stressed out. Tell people around you have a nice day even the check out person at the store. Use yes please and thank you when the poor check out person ask if you want plastic or paper.

    Have we forgotten to be polite, is our life so rushed that we can’t take time out of our busy day to help those who need it, did we forget the basic up bringing our parents taught us. Is our society so warped up in ones self that we forgot that the simplest pleasure is the one that we give of our self.
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    i too see the same thing sometimes , people behaveing rudely when all it would take is a couple brief moments of selfLESSness and hold a door or
    even give a polite nod or allow someone into a line of traffic or slow up a bit and pull in behind , instead of infront of a car .
    i guess its easier to take the low road:sad2:

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    Thanks for the reminder Jeff. I guess we all get in such a rush from time to time that we forget the basic stuff we were (or should have been) brought up with...
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    I totally agree, I wish people would at least act like they were not raised by wolves. :angry:
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    It is shocking to see how lax society has become when it comes to interactions with one another. I'm sure it is much easier to go around daily not caring about our actions but when we stop and look at the bigger picture, our actions touch so many more people in this world besides us. Our encouragement and politeness could be the deciding factor for so many important decisions in others lives. Most all of us were brought up with some form of manners being drilled into us, it's a shame we don't drill our children just as hard. Our actions could be the influence that lands the job we have been lookin for, attracts the attention of our soul mates that we haven't met yet, or some other person who in the future will play an integral part of our lives. It is in our best interest to always be polite, treat others the way we wish to be treated, and do it all with a smile if possible. A simple smile and polite gesture can mean the world to someone who is really having a bad day. Thank you Jeff for pointing this out and bringing it to the forefront of our attention. I plan to make it a personal mission to be more alert to my actions and be kinder to those around me.