Ran into BOC Member on Brazos River!!

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    Hey Everyone,

    Went to Brazos River on Monday to see if We ( my Son and I) could get into some Cats, and when on the MCC Loading ramp We ran into GMCHauler!! It was the first time we got to meet Face to Face, and he is a COOL GUY!!!:cool2: We talked for a while and he gave us some locations for some spots to try, and also invited us to go out on a Cattin' trip in his big boat!! :big_smile::big_smile::big_smile:

    I LOVE THIS SITE!!!! I have had nothing but GREAT HELP, INFO AND PEOPLE HERE, and I hope to meet more of Ya'll soon!!!!

    As for the fishing it wasn't too swift!!:embarassed: I didn't remember to check and see how much gas was in the Boat after running all over Lake Waco last weekend, and we didn't have much at all!!!:eek:oooh:, So we went to where we catch our shad at, and found a few shad, but it was close to 10am by then, so that was to be expected! We started to head to one of our usual spots to fish when the engine started sputtering due to lack of gas!! So I tilted the gas can over to one side to use the reserve gas, and we decided to stay in the one spot and drift over some humps and deep holes, but all we caught was a 2# carp and a BUNCH of HANGUPS!!:angry: By that time my Son started to get a Head ache from his Sinuses, so we packed it up and headed for the house!! We used the trolling motor to go all the way back to the dock / Loading Ramp. Witch was not too bad as it is a 55# Thrust MinnKota Power Drive Auto Pilot, and it will run the boat a 5+mph at top speed, so the trip wasn't too long!

    After loading the boat up with the reserve gas we talked to some Folks that were on the MCC Pier fishing and they were catching quite a few eating size Channel Cats on Liver. The last time a Buddy and I were on the Brazos we caught some nice Channels with liver too, so if Anyone is going to the Brazos in Waco it sounds like Liver and Shrimp might be the way to go for some Eating Fish!!

    Thanks to listening to my Ramblings!!

    Take Care and Good Fishing!!!,
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    Great Report Andy!!! The BOC is the ONLY place to be if your a Catman.Glad you are one of our members. Your Friend from Iowa(The home of the Fat Chick and the 150 dollar car) :wink: J.D.