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Discussion in 'Boating' started by taborcat, Jul 7, 2007.

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    recently i was bank fishing sardis by engineers point and noticed a young couple on the ramp loading their boat. they got out of the truck and began loading stuff including trolling motor, life vests, cooler,ect ect. they spent about thirty min on the ramp while tournament boats were comming inn. i think it is important that people have some good ramp etiquette by being respectfull of other boaters. i have been boating for about 25 years and it seems that this happens more often than it should. i don't want to be rude to anyone but i feel like i should say SOMETHING but i'm afraid what i say might
    offend someone. how can we help? any suggestions?

    good fishing ken
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    South Louisiana
    I feel your pain!!! I have more problems at the large freshwater public backdowns than marinas/launches on the coast. Over the years -I've ask only one person to move so the long line behind could launch and park. He ,as I believe others are totally unaware of of they are doing .Perhaps this is a lack of experience. If it is a bunch of guys and it looks like they are drinking ,I don't cut them any slack and will report them to the harbor master or water patrol. If it is someone with kids-tubes-and skis ec... I'll cut them some slack.. In the case of the guy I ask to move, he was very nice and apologized. I did ask him if there was anything I could help him with and explained although there are no signs,there is a staging area for boats to unstrap and loadup clear of the ramp.

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    I do not own a "real" boat but have noticed when fishing with friends who do own one the lack of etiquette.

    I have also noticed the lack of etiquette of SOME boaters towards bank fishermen.

    The other night I was fishing a county park. I had a catfish pole out and the stripers and hybrids started to bust shad right in front of me. I grabbed another pole and started casting a redfin toward the fish. I hooked a nice five pound hybrid-bass. Before I knew it I had two boaters 40 yards in front of me casting toward me. (they had seen me catching the fish from 100 yards off) They ignored my statement of the danger of treble hooks flying toward me and landing right in front of me. GRRRRRRR :angry:

    BIG GEORGE New Member

    Do what I do. I have established a zero tolerance policy for stupidity and ignorance. Let them know in a somewhat kind fashion at first. Then really make it clear to them about thier behavior. It works for me. LOL!
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    NRV, VA

    I did in the incident above :smile2: After seeing their lures land at my feet several times and having said excuse me, don't want a treble in my eye. I returned the favor and smacked the side of their boat with a redfin, to return the favor and all :wink:
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    I believe people that hold up the ramps are spoiled they feel its their turn you can wait you and I know that they see everyone else load their boats before they back down the ramp I think if the water patrol were there maybe they could handle these folks around here you might want to be packin if you say something
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    George now that you have shaved your beard some you will have to talk louder and longer to establish zero tolerance. Maybe just carry a big stick. Good Luck.:smile2:
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    ramp and just boating etiquette is a learned behavior, one must be taught it. The other day after i launched my boat and parked my truck and trailer, i had to wait for my clients to show up so i was parked at the far end of the dock finishing my prep, you know putting stuff up and making sure the boat is just right for the two fellows i was taking out. Across from me was a boat in the water taking up two spaces at the dock, with no one in it, about 10 min latter a group of 3 young men show up sporting some cheap cigars, they got in the boat fired it up and took off at high rate of speed in a no wake zone i called out and said this was a no wake zone the waved and kept going with out slowing down. Latter that evening these same people came within 30' of my boat at high rate of speed even after a wave off. The other day i was out and guess what there they are but this time the game warden were escorting them in under blue lights.

    Also if you are slowing down to a no wake speed make sure you have no wake. we got hit with some large ones the other day several times by the same boat.

    simple respect for your fellow boaters all it takes,

    prep your boat before you launch,

    clear the ramp in a timely manner,

    if you have to leave the boat to park your truck or car move the boat to the far end of the dock so others can launch or trailer there boat.

    wait your turn to enter the ramp when you are ready to leave
    we have a holding pattern at the lake i fish at breaking this pattern will make other boater mad and they will let you know in no uncertain words.

    after trailering your boat go to a tiedown area and clear the ramp so others can use it.

    keep your no wake a no wake when entering a ramp area.

    for bank anglers don't fish on the ramp, or the dock, this is a high risk area.
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    ya i know what you mean last time i went out i had a big ski boat pass with in 20 feet of me at full speed. and all i could do was hold on and try to run from the wake thank god i was moving and not anchored. they where luky i wasnt abel to get the registeration # to turn over to the cops.
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    Thanks to you guys on here, I learned ramp ettiquette before I ever hit the water.:wink:

    As far as my bad experiences....I had somebody cut me in line while waiting to pull my boat up to the dock. Also, last week, we were coming in and there was a 'bank' fisherman, with all his gear and tackle laid out on the dock, and he himself was laid out longways on the dock darn near asleep. Do you think he moved himself or any of his stuff, so we could deboard and tie up? Nope. I had to step over his legs a couple times.

    We encounter idiots in every facet of our lives, including at the boat ramps.
  11. Dave L

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    I bet a quick kick to the ribs would have got his dead a$$ up and out of the way in a hurry. After all it wasn't his bed room it was a public launch.