raising and stocking???????

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    There is a back road that goes from Marissa Il. to Baldwin Il. that runs through the old peabody coal strip pits . Alot of this land was bought up by Teg Nugent and they are selling lots out of it for future home sites .

    Anyway I grew up on a lone farm house out that way as a child and was cutting through to Baldwin Lake when I noticed huge 10 foot by 10 foot 8 foot tall cages with floatinng devices attacted to the top sitting along one of the roads . A little farther I seen a whole line of them in the water with docks built all around them . Now it is posted no trespassing , but ....

    I was noisy we jumped out and went for a look as to see what was in them . To my suprise they had blue cats in some of them , walleye in some of them and small mouth bass in some of them . We did not check them all in fear of getting caught down there and getting a fine .

    Anyone heard anything about what they are doing down there ? My guess is raising and stocking . They are really making it nice out there so maybe they are making the waters nice with cats . What is weird is I fished every lake out there when my father worked for peabody and it was loaded with catfish and big bass then . Guess I am to noisy I wish I wouldnt have even looked cause now it makes me wonder .....lol
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    maybe a hatchery or something. but with nugent owning the land, there is no telling..:eek:oooh: