Rain, Rain, Rain....

Discussion in 'LOCAL CALIFORNIA TALK' started by plumbertom1, Jan 25, 2008.

  1. plumbertom1

    plumbertom1 Well-Known Member

    Eugene, Or.
    I know that we need all the rain we can get here in S.CA. but I'm getting a little burned out on it.
    I just hope the reservoirs get their levels raised a bit from this.
    I also hope the snow is falling in the Sierras at least at the rate we are getting rain, more if possible.
  2. jim

    jim New Member

    Jacksonville NC
    Whatever you dont want send it to us in SC/NC.Santee is down 8-9ft and a lot of other lakes are hard hit.GA also needs some help!!!!!:smile2:Just push those beautiful dark moisture filled clouds our way!!!!:big_smile:

  3. plumbertom1

    plumbertom1 Well-Known Member

    Eugene, Or.
    I didn't say I didn't want it.
    Just that I was getting tired of it.
    We here in S. Ca. have been living with drought conditions for about 10 years now. Any rain we can get is good.
    It's just that we are used to having a break between storms for the sun to come out and the rain to soak in.
    Its been raining for 5 days now and it looks like at least 3 more to come.
  4. fshnutz

    fshnutz New Member

    Sacramento California
    I hear ya Tom. We have been getting blasted up here in Sac. I know it's good in the long run but dang.....I'm getting cabin fever!
  5. dookiechrist

    dookiechrist New Member

    yep, some of that stuff you guys are getting is heading our way. had a heat-wave today , almost 50 f , that's a good sign. they're talking about 3-4 ft in the mountains, it's going to be a good storm, and i'm goin fishing....:0a18:
  6. Plowboy411

    Plowboy411 New Member

    here in south east Ga,we have a mud hole going on. LOL
  7. catfishcrazy256

    catfishcrazy256 New Member

    stay dry !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:smile2:
  8. shania

    shania New Member

    San Leandro, Ca
    :0a27: with linz,
    We are getting our share here in the Bay Area as well. It may good in the long run for the waters that we fish but ":angry:D@m"!

    What ever happen to the old saying "The Clam Before The Storm"? :0a14:

    At lease we use to have a clam day in between so we can still get out on the water to wet a line.

    Now with all of this rain, all we have to do to wet a line is hold our line out of our windows at home.

    "I Just Got To Get Out There and Do Some Fishing" / and then (& only then) I will be OK - I Guest?

    Take it easy,
    Bert:cool2: & Shania:0010:

    Bert & "Deltalover"

    PS: "What Up Linz"? :cool2::big_smile:
  9. vini

    vini New Member

    I took a drive to check out some prospecting sites yesterday, this was between Coursegold and Oakhurst , they got lots of snow this last week this is the left over, I'm sure they got more last night and will be getting more this week

    I have been on some rivers and creeks this last week, they are all holding water but are staying fairly low its going to take a lot of water to fill those reservoirs up, a lot more then we're getting. Personally I like it a bit dry it's easier to prospect but need water for dredging which I am headed out to do right now some where on the San Joaquin River between Friant and Herndon. During 1940-42, $196,977 worth of gold was recovered from sand and gravel processed for use in building Friant Dam on San Joaquin River just guessing theres a few more ounces they missed where I'm headed to ( private property ) . Also the spot I'm going to is full of bass and catfish when the waters higher so I'll get to see what the lay out if now that the water is really low, when the waters up I can go back and know where channels in the river are and bank layouts.

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