Rain Rain go away...

Discussion in 'Bass Fishing' started by Fishin Chick69, May 29, 2009.

  1. Fishin Chick69

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    West Virginia
    How's The river's and fishing where you are?? Here in West Virginia we have rain dang near everyday for the past month.. Really makes for some hard bass fishing, not to say I haven't tried.. lol. Attached are some photos of a local fishing spot at the dam. Normally 2-3 gates open, now anywhere from 12-16.. UGH!! rain rain go away.......:angry:

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  2. 40oz

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    Gun Barrel Tx
    It's been raining in Tx every weekend for the past month,When I have to work the weathers great :angry:

  3. IA Flatcatter

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    SE IA. on the skunk river
    I'll second the go away rain! :confused2: The river here by my house has been out three times already this year and it seems to rain about every two or three days. Not just nice spring showers, we're talkin 3-5 inch dumpings !
    The rivers staying up and muddy but the fish are still hungry... As far as bass fishing, the BASS Elite tournament is in Fort Madison, IA [close to home]right now thru Sunday 14th It's interesting to see the "hot dogs" of that game in person. They too are all complaining about the muddy water and hard to catch fish. They don't call her the muddy mississippi for nothing.
    I hope it is starting to dry up for you over your way and your catchin some big uns!