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Discussion in 'Prayer Request' started by daredevle, Oct 5, 2007.

  1. daredevle

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    south carolina
    hello brothers i live in SC and we are having a bad drought and this is killing the fish and fishing:sad2: so i ask for rain for not olny SC but for any where rain is needed may we also pray for all the fishermen having a bad time of fishing cause of the drought so they can have good fishing thanks you all:wink:
  2. jeremiad

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    Here in Virginia the grass is green, but the trees are dying; occasional heavy dew but no rain. We have record heat and brown leaves on many trees. It almost looks like fall has arrived early, but we know better.

    The lakes and rivers are reaching record lows. In fact, several lakes have had to close the boat launches because the ramps don't reach the waterline. Only carry-in boats are allowed.

    I could gloat that this is a good time to be a kayak angler, but this would be to my own hurt. I think it best to join you in your prayers...God, we need rain. Thanks!

  3. guns sugar

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    we are in GA and we are in a drought too have been prayin for awhile and hopin all areas of the world that need it get it soon... i see the animals are sufferin too we live in the mtns and deer are havin to trveal farther to get water.... keep the prayers goin .... God Bless
  4. Mi11er

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    Independence, M
    I sure hope it rains out there, I know a drought can be hard for everyone.
  5. ShilohRed

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    West Tn
    I pray each and every day for rain here. The county I live in. In West Tn is only 34"" low this year only. Not counting the last 2 years of it also.
    Stock ponds are dry enough everyone has dozers in them cleaning them out. And fire trucks hauling water to the stock. Some are even having to water there cows out of city water. And that is 300+ head.
    I dug a footing Friday and down 28" is bone dry and like digging in concrete.
    So praying we get it and then it comes on over your way.
    You know we would have plenty of water. If those guys in Ok And Tx would let some of it through.