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Rain on the way

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u guys up there are about to get some good rain these next few days....i know the bites been slow........let me know how the rain does ya.......
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I'm hoping it puts some current in the Ohio River. That shouldn't be a problem. :)
I think quite a few lakes/ponds/rivers/creeks are just drinking it up.
The lakes should come back up and the cooling water should bring the cats to swallow water to feed. I think I'm going to go out and look for worms tonight.Hope none has drowned before I can save them.
So the cats swallow water to feed? I'm bringing some top shelf Evian to the lake with me! :0a24:
We have got alot of much needed rain.I plan on fishing all weekend dont know what its done to water temps but it sure cant hurt.Im lucky im single and can get out the whole weekend.But for those of you who cant have a great labor day.I hope ya get a chance to get a line wet with cook outs and such. ______________KEEP YOUR KNOT TIGHT!!!
so did the rain do the rivers anygood??? particulaurly muskingum or licking/dillon???
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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