Rain, Fog, and Lake Wind Advisories

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    I had two days to fish this weekend, and the days were ALL MINE! The wife and kids were out of town and the weekend was mine.

    Yesterday started out wonderful. Clear skys and temps around 55 degrees. By noon it was raining, and by 1:00pm it was pouring. 2:00pm brought fog and within an hour visibility was down to a hundred yards or so. Most boats left the lake when the rains came in, the rest limped off when the fog started to settle in.

    Today was a little better, except for the wind. Oh ya...the lake wind advisory from the National Weather Service kinda made things bad too. There was one other boat trailer at the access area on this sunny and warm Sunday afternoon.

    I mention all this because had I followed the weather reports I would have stayed home. Had I followed "conventional fishing wisdom" I would have chosen better days to fish. However, these were the days I had and I fished them despite the conditions and I was rewarded.

    Yesterday, in the rain, and the fog, I landed the 42 pound blue in my avatar. That is my third largest blue.

    Today, while I battled 15-25mph winds and gust to 35mph, I landed 22 channel cats drifting in the mess.

    Bad weather doesn't always reward you with great catches. Many cold rainy windy days are spent wondering why the heck you are out there, because the fish are just not biting. On those "special days" when the fish ARE biting in the foul weather you find yourself wiping the rain away and saying to yourself, "man I love this stuff!"
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    well i guess w about like drug addicts in a way we get just enough cats to keepus going day after day.some times when i go fishing and get skunkd i wonder why i go threw te crap and then the 20 or 30 pounder back out with full head of steam.great looking fish cat junkie lol