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  1. flathead willie

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    It started raining here yesterday...finally! It has been one of the driest years I can remember in Virginia. All the streams, springs, and creeks have dried up this summer. The water in our biggest lakes are at least 10' below normal. It's been real hard to pattern deer movements since we can't find many tracks and it's hard to tell how old the ones we find are. I haven't been able to do any stalking because it's like walking on potato chips out there. They have been talking about canceling hunting season because of the fire hazard. I was out all day yesterday, hunting and scouting in a rain that was blowing sideways. When I got home, even everything in my wallet was soaked. I know this will change the deer movements so it's time to scout all over again. Muzzle loader season starts in a week and the rut should be picking up, too. I can hardly wait!
  2. Scott Daw

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    Allentown, Pennsylvania
    Good luck hunting!! I took the rest of the month off because of the heat here in pa and also I tagged a doe early in the month so I have to wait. Now Im stoked because the rut is about a week away.

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    Same thing here in SC. Finally some rain for my food plots. Hope it makes scouting easier too.
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    We have got almost a full weeks worth, like you said it has been dry here also. I'm glad I did not put in food plots this year because it would have been a waist of money. With the cold snap we had in april we do not have any mast crop, a few red oaks are dropping but that is about it. It is going to be differant this year that is for sure. Good luck hunting
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    Its been the same thing here all summer. Everytime it looked like we were going to get some rain, it suddenly disappeared from the radar just before it got to us....ALL SUMMER! Its been raining here almost non stop since wednesday morning and isn't expected to stop until tomorrow afternoon. I been wanting to go muzzleloading this week for our "doe only" season, but its been raining, and i am definately NOT complaining. Tomorrow ends our early muzzleloader season, no more deer hunting for me until after thanksgiving, cause i dont bow hunt. Oh well, maybe shotgun season will be productive for me. I haven't been yet, combination of knee surgery and the heat, i just haven't felt like going. Good luck everybody.