Racine Pool Hotspots?

Discussion in 'OHIO RIVERS TALK' started by Jammer, Sep 27, 2006.

  1. Jammer

    Jammer New Member

    Does anyone fish the Racine Pool, near Forked Run State Park? Been planning to take the boat down for a couple days next month and wondered if you could put me on some fish.:tounge_out:
    Is the lake at Forked Run any good?
  2. bigcatman

    bigcatman New Member

    Ashville, Ohio
    well me and a friend fished there just over labor day or what ever it was and we fished right below the dam and by this power plant thing and we cought a lot of cats and sripers that day if u fish right below the racine dam thoe tell me when your going because i wont to go fish the ohio again before it gets to cold.