Racecar Drivers and their Fans

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by Dragger, Jun 11, 2006.

  1. Dragger

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    North Carolina
    I think that most of the fans like their favorite driver because of the type car or truck they drive, As for myself, i look at the driver as the person they are and what they do off the track, What are your thoughts..... steve.
  2. jerseycat9

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    Oakwood Georgia
    I liked Ward Burton cause you could talk to him for 10 minutes and wouldnt understand a word he saidAnd I liked Dale Earnhardt because he was ruthless on the track if you were in his way he'd drive through you

  3. Buddrice

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    I really like Ward Burton for starting that wildlife management area.He has taken a lot of land and did good with it...Most of the drivers do alot of good deeds off the track...There is very few that I don't care for and that is because they need to grow up...
  4. 01 Mudslinger

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    Gretna, Va
    i will never forget being about 10yrs. old and seeing Dale Earnhardt Sr. at Martinsville Speedway, me and my sis, and my mom and dad went up to get some autographs, that man sat me in his lap while he was in his blazer, took the hat off his head, signed it and gave it too me, i still have the pictures and i still have the hat, that was way back when he was still driving for Wrangler Jeans, something i will always remember.