Race what you drive....

Discussion in 'Wolfman's Nascar Pit Stop' started by KansasKatter, Jul 13, 2006.

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    I know it will never happen again, but I sure miss the days where the guys were racing the ACTUAL stock cars. I wish NASCAR would do away with the templates, restrictor plates, the whole package and make everyone race a real manufactured car, that they could build and modify any way they wanted to. That is what stock car racing was meant to be afterall!

    What is a little more realistic, although not much, I don't think the manufacturers should be able to race a car that is not a production car in the same class. In other words, you can't race a Monte Carlo, if you do not offer the Monte in a rear wheel drive, V8 option. That would open up the whole muscle car race between the manufacturers again.

    Anyone else miss that?
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    Yep, I agree. The cars should be based upon the actually factory car. If the Camry is a front wheel drive V6 then that's what they should have to race. I miss the good ole days of the Monte Carlo SS's and the Thunderbirds!!!