Raccoon box trap

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    On an earlier post on favorite coon traps someone mentioned peoples pets getting in them. I made up these box traps and they work good at keeping a dog out. The hole in front is big enough for coons to get in but the 220 conti sits back far enough that a dog can stick there head in but not set off the trap and get hurt or worse. The box is made from 1/2" osb with a couple of 1x2's to attach them. The box measures about 12"x 12" x 24" long. The door on front has a 6" dia. hole and pivots on two 16d nails. the slots on the side are about 1-1/2" and 12" deep. There is a 2" hole on top in the back to drop lure in. I closed the door and drilled a hole through the top into the door and push a 16d nail in to hold it closed. I assembled it with wood screws and glue and then hit it with some spray paint to camo them. I've used them two seasons now and they are holding up pretty good. Just make sure you pivot the door close to the bottom so you can get your catch out easy. So far they have done what I wanted (keep dogs out). They are not nothing fancy, just made from some scrap I had laying around.
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    I've used alot of bucket sets. Same principle, but this is a little more pet friendly. I may have to try to build a few of those for the times I need to trap around dog infested areas. Thanks for the pics!