Rabbit recipes

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    What are some of the ways to cook rabbit?

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    We were having a big BBQ at church, And a guy that raises rabbits asked if I would smoke some.
    So I jumped at the chance to see how tame rabbits turns out on the SmokinTEx.
    Well he brought 6 of them to me cleaned and ready for the smoker. I put my rub on 5 of the 6 ( He had one seasoned hot) covered the rabbits with it.

    Take the rabbits that are cleaned and ready to go.
    Spray down with pam cooking spray. Then cover with seasoning.
    I placed them in the middle of the smoker on racks turned belly up.
    Smoked at 225 degrees for one hour. Then placed them in foil and brushed a little butter on the insides of them.
    Let them smoke for one more hour laying in the foil but not closed up in the foil.
    Then one more hour with the foil closed. They were tender and juicy. And the taste was great.
    This was my first time to every try rabbits.But let me tell you they were a hit and every piece of them were gone. And People were asking for more of them.
    Rub recipe

    Pete's Rub
    1 cup canning salt Or if you have only the larger salt throw it in the blender
    1/2 cup black pepper
    2 tablespoons of Garlic powder
    2 tablespoons of Oregano
    2 table spoons of paprika
    2 tablespoons of Chile powder.
    Mix well
    So if you have a chance try them and enjoy.
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    cut rabbit into 8 pieces.dip in buttermilk and roll in flour.
    place in frying pan till both sides are nice and brown.
    put 1/3 cup water in a crock pot and then place rabbit in crock pot.
    set crock pot on med.heat and let cook for 2 hours or till rabbit is tender.serve with corn,okra.and mashed taters.sliced home grown maters go good with it to.