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  1. natethe great

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    whats everyone chum with i got a 5 gallon bucket and i drilled about 400 holes in it and put 3 bricks in it and now i need to know what to use for chum:smile2: cause im lost im going to try some cans of cat food but other then that i dont know thnks boc
  2. rahughes

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    Put some feed wheat from your local feed store in a 5 gal bucket with no holes fill with water to just covering the wheat place lid on and place in the sun several days before you go fishing. Crack lid every other day or so to release the built up gases. can place in your bucket or pour over boat.

  3. todobiennc

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    Ever tried feeling jug with dry dog food then menhaden oil. Let set and refill if necessary, freeze or not depending on desired dispersal rate, punch holes in it and drop in water, tied off so you can retrieve. If you want you can put an eye bolt through the cap for tieing.